Friday, April 5, 2013

A List of Lists: Purchases Edition

Because I have too many and simply can't justify it

1. Bags. I have closets full of purses, totes, luggage, backpacks...the answer is no. Somewhere we have something that can make do.
2. Baby clothes in sizes from Newborn through nine months. I gave away about half of what we received, and we still have enough clothing to outfit a small army of infants (now there's a scary thought).
3. Dogs. Or any animal, really. Well, except maybe some fish. Oh dear, I have a problem.
4. Body wash. I'm still recovering from a Bath and Body Works binge in my early twenties (ewwww, I'm not in my early twenties anymore!). I sold a lot of barely-used bottles of body wash, lotion, and body spray at a garage sale. I still have enough body wash and lotion to keep me clean and moisturized for another two or three years, at least.

Because I have too many, but I can always justify another

1. Books. Obvs.
2. Shoes. Though I have many shoes, I can always think of situations where I need shoes other than the ones I have. Also, my favorites get worn out, so I go looking to buy replacements, but it takes a long time to find shoes worthy of Favorite status, and so I end up with both ratty-but-well-loved shoes and lots of not-quite-perfect favorite candidates. It's a problem I really need to work on.
3. All-silicone spatulas. I feel this should be just as obvious and self-evident as books.
4. Washi tape. I'm obsessed with the stuff lately.

Because I chicken out on spending money

1. Nice jewelry. I want to have sweet or unique quality pieces. But I always end up buying (and getting lots of compliments on ) cheap costume jewelry from Target instead.
2. Rugs. I'm intimidated by buying rugs. I love how they look in other people's houses and on the internet, but I'm afraid of Doing It Wrong. Also, they're expensive.
3. Shampoo. I'm incapable of remembering to buy the stuff. It's a good thing the DDH has so little hair.
4. Curtains. I have purchased curtains for exactly one window in the entire house (the bay window, which is really three windows). The beagle ate those a couple years ago, so I replaced them and hung the chewed ones up in another window. Our bedroom has curtains I cut in half to fit the tiny window. All the other rooms have nothing. Oh, the nursery has the valances that match the crib sheets. Anyway. Curtains that haven't been masticated by a canine would probably be a big step up for my home decor.


1. Carrots. I buy carrots almost every time I go to the store. It's a hazard of owning a bunny.
2. Oatmeal. Because I eat it every day.
3. Ok, if this is a list of foods it's a dumb list. Ok, it's a dumb list. I just wanted to point out that I always need to buy more carrots. When in doubt, stick carrots in the cart.
4. Oh! I thought of something else. Notecards. Like, thank you notes, and the ones that are blank inside. Because mail is awesome.
5. And on a related note (har har): Stamps.

What are some of your entrants to these lists? What other lists should I make?
I love making lists. 

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  1. I am so intimidated by rug buying too. We have rooms that really would look better with them, but I'm scared to commit.

    Also, curtains. I don't have any that have been chewed on by a dog, but most of my house is curtain-less or has "temporary" ones that I put up in desperation to have something covering the window. Almost two years later, temporary is looking kind of permanent.

    I keep buying tortillas and cheese because apparently my family eats absurd amounts of both of them. Often together, but not always.