Friday, May 3, 2013

Talk Derby to Me

Did I ever tell you about my Insane Multi-Cultural German Cinco de Derby party?

Let me tell you.

When I studied in Germany, I had a friend also studying there who was from Louisville. I'm from New Mexico. That year, the Kentucky Derby fell on May 5th, aka Cinco de Mayo. We started planning an Epic Party well in advance.

Louisville's father sent a box filled with awesome Derby/Southern Party supplies: white gravy mix, Derby themed toys and shirts, and a bunch of other odds and ends. We raided the local German grocery store for Kentucky bourbon and tequila, and tried to figure out what sort of German cheese most closely resembled the cheese one uses for queso (because Germans don't eat Velveeta, natch).

I'm the one in blue.
We cooked all day, making biscuits and gravy, fried chicken, tacos, and Spanish rice. We made mint juleps and margaritas. We made salsa, to enjoy with the surprisingly tasty German tortilla chips.We also concocted a strange (but delicious) approximation of queso.

We set the table with the Derby party supplies and some random Mexicanish items we found at the Euro Store, which is like the Dollar Store, only weirder as only Europeans can be (there was a large and prominent display of one Euro dildos at this particular store, right next to a bunch of cheap kids' toys. Not even kidding).

The Run for the Mango Salsa.

Our party guests consisted of two other Americans (from Minnesota and Pennsylvania), our septilingual Finnish friend, and a variety of Germans.

We printed off some articles about the race, with lists of the horses running, and everyone bet on a horse. Big stakes here--dishes duty.

The only hitch to the day was that we couldn't find the race streamed live from anywhere. Clearly German tv was too busy airing things like this to air an American sporting event.

Toasting a party well hosted.
We eventually found a replay of the race on My horse won, because clearly I'm a horse-picking genius.


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