Monday, September 17, 2012

I am busy (but accomplishful)!

Let's see. It was a busy weekend, but we got a lot done.

Saturday the DDH and I went to childbirth class. This was helpful and reassuring while at the same time terrifying. By the end of it, I decided that going without an epidural sounded less horrifying than having one. I cannot cannot cannot bear having my legs constricted or unable to move. Even when I'm freezing in the dead of winter, I have to wiggle my feet out from under the covers so they feel free. The idea of being conscious but unable to use my legs is pretty much my worst nightmare.

This opinion is subject to change once I actually know how badly contractions hurt, however.

Oh, and also the DDH tells me I can't listen to Christmas carols during labor and delivery because it won't be after Thanksgiving yet. I tell him that when it was his turn to push out a giant baby through a tiny bodily orifice, then he could listen to whatever painful dubstep nonsense he wanted, but in the meantime I should be able to listen to whatever I choose. He counters that listening to Christmas carols during the birth of a non-God-baby was a bit presumptuous. I point out that it's not like Mary was cranking up Mannheim Steamroller in the stable. We'll see where this ends up.

Anyway. We also bought some wedding presents and generally ran around doing useful errands.

Most importantly, of course, and the part everyone wants to see: the DDH got some more work done on the nursery.

To recap, this is where we left it, with a twice stained floor:

Yesterday, he gave the stained floor one more light sanding:

I'm sorry for the ridiculous glare, but I can only photograph
from the doorway most of the time, and there are no blinds
or curtains on the window at the moment.
Which took away some of the pretty red color and made me very worried for awhile.

Then he tacked up all the sanding dust:

I swear it looked different IRL once it was de-dusted, even
though the picture looks the same.
And gave it a coat of polyurethane sealant:

Here the upper left corner is done. You can see where
the shiny ends and the non-sealed part begins.

Here it is yesterday evening without the window glare and mostly dry:

Still kind of shiny, and also still a pretty color.
It's looking good, I think! He still has two more coats of poly to go, and then we'll be done with the floor.

...which means we'll still have to install new baseboards, paint, buy and set up furniture, decorate...good thing T-Rex still has eight weeks to go.

Meanwhile, with the DDH's help I'm working on my own little project for the room. Would you like a peek?

Photo project.
More to come on that.

How was your weekend? Working on any fun, exciting, or lengthy projects?


  1. Oh man, I know how you feel about the not being able to move thing...that's one of my worst nightmares too. The floor looks fabulous! I can't wait to see what else you guys do. And holy crap, eight weeks?! I have to get moving on this diaper bag! Ack!

    1. Yes. So, we'll see. Perhaps we should have given more serious thought to adoption...^_~

      Thank you! Or rather, the DDH thanks you. He's put in a lot of hard work on it, and I've done nothing. Heh.

      And every time I tell someone I have eight weeks left, they feel compelled to chirp, "Unless he comes early!" YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. I need these last eight weeks! We are nowhere near ready! ^_^* But we do actually have a spare diaper bag, if yours doesn't get here in time. And since Christmas is soon after, you can always pretend you planned it that way. ^_~ I'm excited to see it, though!

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  3. I'm totally with you on the Christmas carols, Katie.