Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I am dressed (don't ask much more of me)!

I don't know if it's allergies (usually is) or a cold (the coworker in front of me has had one all week), but for whatever reason I have been blowing my nose every ten seconds since 2:30 this morning and it's getting really. old.

In other news, I've been remiss about doing my What I Wore Wednesday posts because, well, I just haven't been feeling that creative, wardrobe-wise. I've officially outgrown every belt I own, and my clothing options are becoming more limited by the week. And outfits that are just a top and the same rotation of work pants don't seem worth photodocumenting.

But here are a few anyway.

Shirt: Old Navy; jeans: Kohl's.
This is from August 25. It's just (maternity jeans) and one of my favorite in-rotation t-shirts (it's striped, but you can't tell in the pictures). It's too small now.
Also, this is almost a month ago now and look how huge T-Rex looked then:

But I think it's partially a trick of the shirt, because here I am the very next day:

Shirts: Old Navy; belt: Goodwill; skirt:
consignment; shoes: Target.
I guess I don't have a belly shot. But look how much less pregnant I look in a looser shirt. Or maybe it's the belt. Belts are magical, after all.
Also, that's a maternity skirt and it's black with white polka dots and I love it.

I fished this shirt out of the donate pile when I found out I was pregnant. I had decided the babydoll cut was unflattering and made me look pregnant when I wasn't. Now of course, that's the idea:

Shirt: Sears; cami: Old Navy; pants: Kohl's.
I got these brown maternity pants at a consignment sale, and I was so happy to have a third pair to toss into my work outfit rotation. But the band rolls so. badly. that it's pretty uncomfortable. I'm wearing almost this exact same outfit today, and man. Blah.

Shirt: borrowed; cami: Old Navy; pants:
Here is an attempt to perk things up by pairing a casual t-shirt with a skirt. I was enjoying the outfit well enough, and then I found those sandals while I was out shopping and yay:

Shirt: Hard Rock Cafe; skirt: Old Navy;
sandals: JC Penney.
Apparently, however, the outfit was not so flattering from the side, heh:

Also, those are platform heels and make me over six feet tall. I tower over the DDH a bit in them. Do not care. Too cute.

Anyway. Here's a dress I borrowed from a friend, I think. Classy:

Dress: borrowed; necklace: gift.
I've very much been appreciating dresses lately. I can't wear them to work because it's too cold in the office, but it does help me feel like I'm coordinated and wearing an outfit now that I have so few options:

Dress: Loft; shoes: JC Penney.
Also, heels again, because mama loves them.
Here is possibly the most unflattering picture in the history of unflattering pictures. Even the beagle is looking at me and wondering why I thought this pose was a good idea:

Shirt: borrowed; pants: Kohl's;
beagle: Animal Aid.

 This is from Saturday, so pretty recent. My comfortable clothing for our all-day childbirth class:

Sweater: borrowed; cami: Old Navy;
jeans: Kohl's; Labrador: followed us home.
It was pretty comfy, too. Layers are my friend right now.
And finally, Sunday's outfit, in which the strappy red super sandals make another appearance:

Dress and sweater-thing: Old Navy;
shoes: JC Penney.
Also? Old Navy seriously should be paying me for these posts. Apparently almost everything I own comes from them....

Phew! Are you tired of looking of mostly-headless pictures of me? ^_^ What has everyone else been wearing lately?


  1. Pretty much every shirt I wear on a daily basis comes from Old Navy. And my jeans comes from AE. If I wear anything else it's cuz I'm "dressing up" for something :-)

    1. Right? Because if I find one shirt that fits well, I can buy it in ALL THE COLORS on some super sale or with a coupon, and then I just mix the colors around with different bottoms and belts and it's like a whole new outfit.

      Also they have a lot of good skirts. So. Yay Old Navy!

      My jeggings are from AE. They're practically the only things I own from there, but I love them. Or did, back when they still fit...^_~

  2. You are a cutie! I especially like those dresses, shoes, the stripes...Looking good, Katie:-).

    1. Aww, thank you, Sarah. I definitely needed some encouragement about now. ^_^