Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The End Is Near


For a variety of reasons, it looks like T-Rex will be here by Thursday.

If he doesn't arrive on his own before then, I'm supposed to go in Wednesday evening to be induced. Not exactly what we expected; I really fully expected to be waiting until next week at least.

But it turned out my options, if T-Rex hadn't decided to come by next Monday, were:
  1. Be induced at a different hospital next week, because with the short week for Thanksgiving, our hospital was already booked.
  2. Keep waiting until the following week.
  3. Be induced at our hospital this week.
I like the hospital I picked. I chose it for good reasons: it's a smaller, newer facility; the nurses are friendly; the policies are more in line with how I want T-Rex's first day or so to go. I don't know anything about the other hospital except that it doesn't have as good a reputation for quality medical care. No thank you.

Option Two would kind of be fine with me. I don't mind waiting for nature to take its course. But the doctor pointed out, "That baby's already plenty big. He's only going to get bigger, and your pelvis is not actually that large."

(Let me point out here that I was three weeks late myself. My mom finally went into labor, labored for something like twenty-four hours, and then her body just stopped. No more contractions. It gave up on getting me out of there. I was born by C-section, developmentally already acting like a three-week old and not a newborn. So I'm not sure I like my genetic odds if I decide to just keep waiting.)

Though statistics say inducing is more likely to end with a C-section, the doctor believes that we are actually less likely to end up with complications and/or a C-section if we induce now than if we wait past forty-two weeks for T-Rex to come on his own (or end up needing to induce at that point).

Wednesday night they'll start with various methods to try and jumpstart a natural labor. We'll see how things go overnight and only start pitocin on Thursday if necessary--the doctor and I would both really, really prefer to avoid the pitocin if at all possible, and he's hopeful they can maybe get things moving in other ways.

So. T-Rex has about thirty-four hours to decide to come on his own, which would be nice, but doesn't really look likely. He's apparently pretty cozy in there and sees no reason to venture out into this strange new world.

Guess I should go on some more long walks, after all. ^_~

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