Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Advent of a T-Rex

I need to write up T-Rex's birth story soon, before I forget it. But in the meantime, in case you hadn't heard:

T-Rex was born November 20 at 2:23 a.m. Eight pounds, three ounces and 21.25 inches long.

Mostly he's a quiet and curious (and hungry!) little guy, long and skinny with big blue eyes.

He hates the Moby wrap and ring sling because he wants to be able to look around and neither of them let him until he's strong enough to hold his head up. His favorite is being carried around with his head flung backward over your elbow so you look like you're about to drop him.

I'm having problems with all the cloth diapers gapping around his skinny little legs. Hopefully he'll grow into them a bit better, because right now he practically lives in wet onesies, which is gross and uncomfortable for everyone involved.

Jayne is more or less indifferent to him since he can't throw the kong, but he likes to say hello and lick T-Rex's face a couple times a day. Kaylee took a few days to get adjusted. She was freaking out with jealousy and anxiety over having been left alone for several days while we were in the hospital. But now she's very protective, following him around everywhere and getting upset when he cries. Jayne and the DDH were playing fetch while the DDH held T-Rex; T-Rex let out a squawk as Jayne tried to give the DDH the kong and Kaylee lunged and growled at him to BACK AWAY FROM HER BABY. Pretty cute.

I have a terrible chest cold that doesn't want to get better because I can't actually get more than three hours of sleep at a time. We're all tired, though I'm letting the DDH sleep through the night as much as possible since he has a huge trial going on right now (good timing, right?).

In conclusion, T-Rex is pretty much the best baby ever and we're mostly having a good time, though it's only just now I'm starting to feel like I'm adjusting and able to get things done.

Happy December, everybody!

(For some unknown reason Blogger's not letting me add photos. But I have Instagram now and there are some there as ktindeed.)


  1. Yay, all the T-Rex things! And I'm following your Instagram now, so yay!

  2. Awwww! So glad to read the update:-). Congratulations on giving birth to a healthy baby- that is no easy feat! And I love the stories about your dogs. Hoping you get some quality rest soon...