Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I am appreciating my DIY DDH.

The DDH made some impressive progress in the nursery this weekend. It went from this:

Carpeted nursery.

To this:
No more carpet!

To this:
First sanding done.
He sanded the whole floor with the first grit of sandpaper using the belt sander. Apparently you have to sand everything three times using a progressively finer sandpaper grit.

Unfortunately, this means he'll have to sand the edges of the room (where the belt sander can't reach) by hand. Three times. Heh.

He also had to pull up the staples that had held the carpet down and the carpet strips from the edges of the room:

Lots and lots and lots of staples.

Carpet strips, aka, little boards full of tiny nails,
pointy sides up.

All gone!
He spent most of the weekend working, and I think he's more discouraged at how much he still has to do than anything else. But I'm impressed!

We went and bought a bunch of stuff at Lowe's for the painting and sanding, even though we're not ready to paint yet and haven't chosen a color, because I had a coupon. And you don't miss an opportunity to use a 10% off coupon at Lowe's when you have a big project coming up.

Here are our test patches of paint. We narrowed it down to two blues and a brown (we think). The lighter blue is really hard to see in the picture, but visible in real life. It's just really pale.


Distance view.

Evening (artificial light).
So anyway. That's where we are in the Saga of the Nursery.

The rest of the house is a total wreck, though.


  1. Woo! Progress! And tell Hyphen to look on the bright side...at least he has a belt sander and doesn't have to do the whole thing by hand! :-) Those floors are going to be gorgeous, I can already tell!

    1. I don't think he'd be doing it if he didn't have a belt sander. Though I think he wishes he had one of those big professional sanders that you use standing up...all that kneeling is uncomfortable.