Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I am dressed (don't ask much more of me)!

Sorry I haven't actually posted anything since last week's What I Wore Wednesday. It's been crazy 'round here. My boss does finally know I'm pregnant, though! So far no explosions. We'll see.

T-Rex must have had a growth spurt, because I got huge overnight. It's definitely getting to be more of a challenge to dress cutely!

First, a lesson in belting. Here we are above the bump:

Shirt and skirt: Old Navy; belt: Target.
 And here we are across it:

It makes a big difference, no? For a long time I could get away with kind of hiding T-Rex with this trick. At this point, however, 1) few of my belts fit around the baby bump and 2) belting there isn't fooling anyone anymore.

I changed into this skirt after work because it's been so stinking hot. Here's the same shirt and belt with my work pants:

Top: Old Navy; belt: Target; pants: Kohl's.
Have I mentioned yet that my maternity slacks don't have pockets and I HATE IT? Because my maternity slacks don't have pockets and I HATE IT. But they look nice and are comfy. It's sort of like wearing yoga pants to work. I feel a bit of a cheater.

Cami: Old Navy; skirt: Old Navy; belt: Target
(I'm sensing a pattern here); necklace: gift.
I'm trying to decide if the green and tan work with the gray skirt. At the time I decided I didn't care because the skirt has pockets. Now I think I wish I had a khaki skirt that has pockets.

This was a Saturday outfit--cool, comfortable, cute. Way too short a skirt. Oops.

Top: Old Navy; skirt: hand-me-down;
I haven't worn skirts to the office in a long time, for the simple and logical reason that it's often sixty-nine degrees in my office. Or less. Leggings are a must, but leggings are tolerable for about two seconds outside in the hundred plus degree heat.

I like this outfit, though. I will have to keep it in mind for the fall.

Okay. Those were still from a couple weeks ago. So to give you an idea of what I meant by "T-Rex had a growth spurt," I present you with these:

Shirt and cami: Old Navy; belt: Target;
pants: Kohl's, necklace: Target?

Hey baby!
This is today. Bam! There he is.

See what I mean about the belts not fitting over the baby bump anymore? It barely fits around my waist above it.

It's Wednesday, and that's what I've been wearing.
How do you dress for the heat? And am I alone in my fascination with belts?

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