Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I am proud.

I may have mentioned that the DDH passed the bar exam.

Five years of law school, going part time while working full time at a variety of usually miserable jobs.

Two months of hardcore, nothing-but-studying studying.

Forty-four days of nail-biting waiting, wondering, praying.

And finally:

One ceremony for each of the Oklahoma law schools (OU, OCU, and TU).
We road-tripped out to OKC with his mom and stepdad, took a million billion pictures of the DDH in a suit in the fancy Capitol building (vastly inferior to the one in Santa Fe, IMHO), sat through yet another succession of speeches, and, yay! his name was read, he took the oath, he signed the rolls (with his work address, because apparently the bar rolls are public records and disgruntled criminals or clients or whomever can use them to look up your address, break into your home, and threaten you and your children, not that we know anyone this happened to or anything), and he's officially a shiny new lawyer with a shiny new job working for the state not making shiny lawyer dollars at ALL, but he loves it and it's work and he got to go to trial today so yay.

We followed the ceremony and picture-taking with a wander 'round Bricktown, with a stop at Bricktown Brewery for beer and food.

Our selections.
Always a good time.

A grilled spinach mushroom salad with bacon dressing. Noms.
Also, that salad? It was amazingly delicious. Fo' realz.



  1. Oh, my goodness! Congratulations to BOTH of you. DDH may be the one with his name on official papers, but you were right by his side for the whole thing.:-)