Monday, September 26, 2011

I am really confused by the new Facebook.

I don't really care about the little sidebar that pops up with irrelevant about your friends. Whatever. It's off in a corner and I pay zero attention to it.

I don't really care about the various cosmetic changes to the page. Whatever. Everyone will get used to a new design.

But I do not like being able to tell if I'm seeing all the updates I want to see. I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING, GUYS. WHY AREN'T YOU SHOWING ME EVERYTHING.

I mean, I clicked to subscribe to all of my mom's posts...but some of them show up at the top of the page and some show up at a random lower part of the page and some, I suspect, don't show up at all.

So for the moment I've given up on using the thing. My Farm stands abandoned because I can't see if I'm getting all the watering cans or whatever my mom and her friends are posting. I haven't read a political blog post linked by dad in days, because I can't freaking find them. I have no idea what is going on in anyone's life.  SIGH.

Facebook was a nice orderly way for this introvert to feel like she knew people and was interacting with them. Until I figure out the new system and make sure I'm getting all the knowledge I want, I am completely cut off from the world.

Yeah. I know.

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