Sunday, January 1, 2012

I am planning ahead.

Happy New Year!

I don't really do resolutions, but I do have some general plans for the new year. I suppose I might as well share them here.

Some goals for 2012:

  1. Pay off credit card debt (this is leftover from the DDH's school days slash the three months he was unemployed this year). It's not insurmountable, but the problem is that we've paid it off before. So that leads me to
  2. Stick to the budget. Now that we have one and both of us seem to have stable employment. If we do, we can have the debt paid off by October, sock a bunch of money into savings, and make payments on his loans, as well as all the other bills we have. Yay.
  3. Garden it up. Expand space (need to start on that this weekend, actually), try some new plants (excitement!), keep them alive (I'm surprisingly ungood at that), preserve produce (it helps if enough plants survive long enough to give you a surplus of foodz).
  4. Plan and cook at least three dinners a week. You would think that would be easy, but between different evening activities and the fact that two people go through leftovers very slowly, that would actually be an impressive accomplishment.
  5. Make the craft room useable. Theoretically, do a good cleaning/purge of the rest of the house and keep the whole thing in useable shape. But I'll settle for one room. In related news, the DDH and I recently drew up a chore battle plan of sorts and it would be nice if we stick to it.
  6. Then, use it. I've got a bunch of pictures from Europe printed, and there are countless more that need to be printed, not to mention every other thing I've done since then. I need to make some progress on this scrapbook, or get rid of all my supplies and stop pretending it's my hobby. If I don't at least book the photos I've already printed, that's it. Also, I would like to actually have the space and organized materials to try some of the DIY projects I'm always emailing to myself.
  7. Cut my hair. Well, it's been 2.25 years. I think it's time.
That should be enough to be getting on with, right?

What are your goals or resolutions for 2012?


  1. My goals aren't exactly clear-cut, but I'm pursuing some combination of my love of food, fair trade, and writing this year. I think that's going to look like several different things: writing articles, holding more giveaways, participating and facilitating events...

  2. Hi Katie,
    Thanks for visiting. I left a response back to your comment. In regards to your post, you may be interested in following along with the One Bite at a Time book ( It will cover a lot of your goals listed!
    (orig post:

  3. Sarah: I certainly won't complain if your 2012 goals include more writing! ^_^ I love your word for the year: courage. Right now I need to be courageous in the little things, but you--here's to your big and little as-yet-not-clear-cut plans for the year!

    Emily: And thank you for visiting, too! Yay chicken broth, right? I was actually just looking at that book (online, of course) this morning. I'm still debating about getting it; I think I could adapt the kid chapters to be relevant for a kidless family, but...I don't know. I hear good things about it, though!