Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's Wednesday, so theoretically I should have a What I Wore post up, but the only picture I've apparently taken and uploaded is a singularly unflattering one of me in a blouse and slacks--a blouse I like enough to own two of, mind you, but still. I hit my goal of a fun skirt outfit last week, but apparently failed to photodocument the event.

Instead, I will tell you about the beagle. Skip if you're squeamish. It will be safe again after the second picture.

The patient.
I came home yesterday to an awful stench and discovered the poor thing soaking in a crate full of diarrhea. I dragged the crate outside and released her into the yard, and luckily the DDH came and valiantly cleaned the crate and the beagle and then the carpet when she ran out of the bathroom after her bath and did it again, on the carpet.

Thank God for the DDH.

Anyway. We finally let the poor sad sick beagle back into the house. I tried to fence her in the kitchen so at least additional messes would be on the linoleum, but no. She climbed over the fence, cuddled up sweetly in the chair, then got up and promptly voided a greater volume of mess than I thought her entire digestive track could possibly hold.

Sigh. She seemed ok the rest of the evening...till she woke us up at 4:30 in the morning with a huge puddle of mostly bile on the floor by her bed. And then, after we got everything cleaned up and were starting to drift back to sleep, with a giant puddle of bile all over OUR bed.

So after cleaning it up and changing the sheets, we stuck poor beagle in a different crate for the rest of the night.

She was very upset when she didn't get breakfast this morning.

Brother and sister.
I'm worried, because she's also lost quite a bit of weight recently. We had cut back what we were feeding her because she was getting fat, but somehow in the past month she's become gaunt. We've been feeding her more the past couple weeks, but now this...I don't know. The poor thing. And I don't know what to do. A vet bill would eat up pretty much the entirety of our savings account...but if she is still sick tomorrow, that's what we'll do.

Labrador is adorable, very concerned that his little-big sister is sick. We put her crate upstairs because it's warmer but left the door open so he could check on her. We have learned the hard way (our back door no longer has a door jamb from Labrador height on down) not to separate them while we're gone.

So this is not the post I wanted to write today. It's not about What I Wore or about my new planner system or how I'm doing with my new goals for the year. It's just me worrying about my poor sick babydog and letting you know how absolutely awesome my DDH is.

That's life, I guess.


  1. Oh, Katie! I hope your adorable babydog is ok and feeling better asap.
    You poor woman:-(.

  2. Thank you, Sarah! She's feeling better but still not 100%. Poor thing.

    Also, das Babydog is slang for puppy in German. I nearly died when I saw a classified ad for "Babydog zum Verkauf" (Puppy For Sale). DIED. Of linguistic cuteness.

    Also also, the non-slang word is das Hundebaby (literally dog-baby), which is also pretty dang cute.

    /end rambling