Thursday, April 26, 2012

I am traveling.

Aaaaah! Blogger, what did you do to me? Why does my blog post window look like a GoogleDocs page?

Confusion. My poor brain does not do well with surprises.

Anyway, assuming I'm actually operating this system properly, let me tell you about my awesome weekend. (This was supposed to post Monday but I had Technical Difficulties getting the pics off my phone).

Tired travelers.
Like how it started Friday night when I took the DDH out to a splendiferous surprise dinner as a thank you for being the most understanding and supportive spouse to a pregnant woman ever in the history of spouses and pregnant women.

A friend has been recommending the restaurant run by students at a technical college near my house for a YEAR now. Yes, a full year. And I finally made a reservation last week and we went Friday night and oh, it was spectacular. Scallops and rabbit and truffles and swordfish and more scallops and basically just death by awesome food, plus cheerful friendly waitstaff, a helpful sommelier (for the DDH), and when I told the waitress I "couldn't" have wine (but not why), a different waiter rushed over with sparkling peach juice for me.

Oh yes. So lovely.

Then Saturday morning I had to work and it was miserable so we'll skip over that to--driving to Oklahoma City for an impromptu roadtrip!

Friday night (nothing like the last minute, right?), I asked the DDH if it would be crazy for us to drive to OKC for Megan at SortaCrunchy's book release party Saturday night.

He said yes, if I expected him to drive back to Tulsa afterward, it was crazy. But if we got a hotel room and made a weekend out of it, it wasn't.

So we packed up the dogs (for the first time ever! it was too late notice to find a sitter) and hit the open road.

Things I loved:
  1. The wildflowers growing along the side of the highway.
  2. Meeting Megan (finally!) face to face and hearing her read from her book. She is as warm and friendly and awesome in person as via the internet, and at some point I hope we can meet again.
  3. And meeting Laura, too, who was a gracious and friendly hostess.
  4. Picking up some excellent hooker boots at the new outlet mall (which was otherwise rather a disappointing place).
  5. The La Quinta where we stayed didn't just accept dogs but had a lovely courtyard with baggies and trash cans for walking your canine companions--very nice!
  6. A lazy retro lunch at Pops.

But the highlight of the weekend was definitely the dog park with the pond for the dogs to swim in. Watching Jayne fulfill his Labrador Retriever destiny of retrieving things from the water was just too much cuteness.

Kaylee didn't care for swimming. She would run to the edge
of the water and stare at Jayne until he came back safely.

Jayne and his new Corgi friend.

What he was bred to do.


The only picture of Kaylee swimming (she's the splashy one in
the middle of the photo and Jayne's the dark speck farther

How were your weekends, friends? And how do you face Monday graciously after such a good time?


  1. Adorable photos of the dogs, it looks like they had a blast! And sounds like you guys did too. We've been meaning to take a road trip out to Tulsa/OKC, but it's a little further from where we are so, unfortunately, it can't be a spur of the moment thing :-p

    1. Oh they did. Jayne was so sore, limping around for two days straight afterward. It was pretty cute. And so much fun!

      Where are you guys now again? I don't actually remember. But if you ever make it out this way we've got an extra room if you need it! ^_^