Thursday, April 19, 2012

So far, so good.

Look who wanted to say hi!

Little Critter
I am fully aware that ultrasound pictures don't look like anything, especially when snapped with a cheap cell phone camera off a television screen. But Critter's head is on the left, and doesn't it look like he's waving with the little limb sticking up in the middle?

Oh come on. Indulge me.

The ultrasound was amazing. There s/he was, wiggling around all cozy. He kept kicking his teeny legs and waving his arms around, but of course all the pictures the doctor printed managed to get him just when he had put his limbs down so he's just a blob.

Still. It's crazy that there's this little guy (or gal) in there wiggling all around and being so active, yet I can't feel him at all. Admittedly he's all of an inch long and deep in the recesses of my abdomen; it's not like I should be feeling him. Or her. It was still astounding to see.

S/he measured 10 weeks, 1 day on Tuesday, which puts my due date on November 12.

Yay. ^_^

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