Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I am dressed (don't ask much more of me)!

Now that I'm starting to slllloooooooowlllllly transition out of the all-day-sickness phase (whoever coined it "morning sickness" was the lyingest liar of all liars ever), I've actually been getting dressed!

I mean, I've been wearing clothes all along (my coworkers thank me), but I've finally been wearing some outfits.

Oh dear. Upon reviewing my last What I Wore Wednesday post, I realized I am way behind. So here's a brief rundown of the last two months:

Shirt: Loft; belt: Target; pants: Target;
Dog: followed us home.
Well this is the point of doing these posts: I had forgotten about this work outfit and I really like it. Simple yet outfit-y.

The only problem is that the pants were pushing it with their size eightishness before I got pregnant and, even though I'm not yet really showing, I think they already need to be retired. SIGH.

Sweater: Target?; skirt: Old Navy?; shoes: Target
Headband: Target; "pearls": Gordman's
Hey look guys, it's spring! And what's more springy than a pastel skirt (with a flower on it that you can't see), and a white short-sleeved sweater? And fake pearls and a white headband. And white shoes. White white white.

Shirt: Old Navy; scarf-as-belt: ???; skirt:
hand-me-down; shoes: Sears
If I recall correctly, this was Palm Sunday. Because the skirt had sort of a leafy green pattern on it. GET IT? Yes, I dress thematically for holidays.

Anyway, the scarf-as-belt worked amazingly on Sunday and less amazingly with pants the next day at work--it kept coming untucked. Still looked awesome, though. I just need madder scarf-tucking skillz.

Necklace: Target; tank: Old Navy; jeggins:
American Eagle
I'll leave you with this casual outfit and save Holy Week and beyond for next week. I'm not really sure this outfit did me any favors, but it was bright, cheerful, and comfortable.

And yes, perhaps future decades will deride jeggings as one of the twenty-teens' great fashion debacles, but I love my pair from AE and don't care who knows it. They are like...denim skin. Cozy and stretchy and comfy. The only drawback is the lack of pockets--they just have butt pockets so I keep sitting on my phone.

This picture also reassures me that I have wide childbearing hips. That's comforting.

There we go! That's what I wore (a month ago)!

What have y'all been wearing lately?

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