Monday, February 4, 2013

Houston, We Have a T-Rex

It turns out that T-Rex is a spectacular traveler. We stopped twice on the way there but actually only once on the way back. He slept the whole way and didn't cry at all.

I'm beginning to think I shouldn't have any more kids, because I will probably get The Worst Baby Ever to make up for what a mellow and happy guy T-Rex is.

Houston, grieving family stuff aside, was awesome. T-Rex got to meet his great-grandmother, his grandfather, and his great aunt, all of whom (of course) adored him, and we actually got to do a few touristy things. The weather was phenomenal, sunny and seventy the whole time. It really felt like a vacation, and I've missed those.

We hit up an outlet mall on Saturday. I resigned myself to reality and stocked up on some Old Navy clothes in larger sizes. Meh. Speaking of needing larger clothes, we had dinner at one of those Brazilian steakhouse places with the all-you-can-eat meat. Yum.

On Sunday, we visited a lovely old Lutheran church downtown, where I was invited to join the choir (visiting churches is such an ego boost for me; that might not be a good thing). We had lunch at a place that served Indian food pizza (delicious) and hit up Ikea! The DDH had never been to one, and I had only been to the one in Freiburg, Germany, so it was a fun time. We also hit up another store that Tulsa lacks, The Container Store. Which, let me tell you, heaven. Immediately upon walking in the door I found something I had been searching for at stores in Tulsa for MONTHS. Perhaps more daytrips to Dallas are in order.

I'm really irritated by the fact that Blogger is refusing to let me upload any pictures, but if you follow me on Instagram (ktindeed) I did upload several from the trip. Mostly of T-Rex, obviously.


  1. Wow. Lucky you with the mellow traveller. Our Lydia has always passionately hated her car seat. I've never enjoyed travelling (as in, the being-strapped-to-a-seat part), and combined with her hatred of travel, I can't foresee us enjoying any future road trips very much.

    Also, Ikea: I know, right?! I ADORE Ikea. It's always a fun visit. I've never been to the Container Store but I bet I would love that, too.

    1. T-Rex actually sleeps in his alternate car seat at night because he hates to lie flat. I get carsick but it's not as bad if I sit in the front seat, but I can't read or anything so mostly I sleep. Besides that I love roadtrips and travel of all kinds. Luckily T-Rex does, too. :-) Alas for the fussy Lydia! Perhaps it will get better as she gets older.

      I heart Ikea. Were you one of the kids who loved school partially because you loved finding backpacks with the perfect array of pockets? If so, you would love The Container Store. I'm not a neat person, but I adore organization with a soulful passion. Heh.