Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I am fighting off a chest cold.

But I'm losing.

This came out of the blue. I was hit by a nice juicy cough last night while watching Castle and thought, uh-oh. And sure enough, I almost slept right through my alarm this morning, completely glued to the bed, with that weird heavy wet ball in the middle of my chest that means I'm sick.

Ugh, my lungs hurt. And I can feel that exhausted achiness creeping into my bones.

And you know when you can just taste the mucus hovering at the back of your mouth, overflowing from your bronchial tubes?


Good times.

At least my nose isn't running (though now that I say that, it will be), and since the boss is out of town it's actually warmer than 55 degrees in my office, so that should help.

Gallons and gallons of immunity-boosting tea, a fuzzy scarf 'round my neck, and either soup or a nap for lunch.


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