Monday, October 17, 2011

I am October: The Fair!

The DDH and I went twice to the Tulsa State Fair this year.

I love Fairs. They're just silly. I like to eat junk food and pet animals and see all the 4-H exhibits and gawk at the junk for sale and watch the fun shows.

Last year there was the coolest fire-twirling show I have ever seen, but this year all the shows were lame. The trick dogs, of course, and then a Star Trek show (lame) and a hypnotist (also lame). So that was a disappointment.

We did look at the cake decorating contest. Some of those cakes are just mind-bogglingly amazing. Unfortunately, all of those pictures are on my "real" camera and I haven't uploaded them yet.

BUT. For your vicarious Fairjoyment, a photodocumentation:
Long-horned cows + bonus baby cow.
My family used to show dogs and are generally all-around dog people, and one of the things I love MOST in the WORLD is seeing dogs doing what they were bred to do. I get super tickled when I see dogs that were bred to herd cattles hanging out with cattles. Because what is more awesome than that? (I noticed all the Welsh Pony fanciers ALSO had Welsh Corgis, which is also awesome.)

A working Pembroke Welsh Corgi keeping an eye on its herd.
Another favorite Fair pastime is checking out all the crafts and artwork submitted by children and adults for competition. The children's Lego competition is my favorite, and this is probably the coolest freestyle Lego Fair entry I've ever seen:

Pacman! With little ghosts and spare lives and cherries and everything!
And look how the asteroid is the controller ball! :3
Ok, my other favorite part of the Fair (I have a lot of favorite parts) is looking at all the rabbits and surreptitiously poking my fingers in to pet them without getting bitten or yelled at by their owners. While I love looking at rows and rows of Megs (my castor (brown) Mini Rex) in different colors, I also like the weird breeds, like this. I think it's an English angora?

Alien Rabbit
The strangest thing I saw this year at the Fair was this entry into the adult handicrafts competition:

Nazi Quilt
No idea. None at all. Though the DDH insists those look nothing like swastikas, everyone else I've shown the picture to agrees with me.

As a surprise, MC Hammer performed one of the evenings we were there. He is not as cool in a white pimp suit as in parachute pants. And though the classics are the classics, the truth is: There's a reason he's performing at State Fairs and not at, you know, actual concerts.

So there we go! I will admit that the Tulsa State Fair has nothing on the New Mexico one, but it's still always a good time. We adopted the Adorabeagle after seeing her picture and description on the Animal Aid display in 2006, so the thing holds a special place in my heart.

Come on, you know you like them.

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