Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I am dressed (don't ask much more of me).

To give you an idea of how I usually dress for work, there's this:

I need to figure out a better way of doing these pictures
than with my phone camera and a dirty mirror.
Or at least clean the mirror.
See why I say I'm not exactly a fashionista? It's always cold in my office, year round, so it's usually pants, a shirt, and a cardigan. Rotate in some jewelry and an occasional change of shoes.

However. Megan at SortaCrunchy has inspired me with all her wintry layered outfits to try to do this sort of thing for work and not just for going out or on the weekends. Here is last week's attempt:

Cardigan: Gap?, Blouse: Old Navy?, Skirt: Sears,
Tights: Target, Boots: Rack Room Shoes.
First with the ubiquitous office cardigan, and then without:

Yay for gray sweater tights that kept me relatively cozy even though it was freezing and dreary outside.

So this is progress, such as it is.

In other news, work has been ridic (and depressing. Can I stop working in the financial sector now?), I think I'm mostly ready for Christmas (just need to wrap things and mail them), we decorated our house all fun and Christmassy, the DDH and I have accomplished a few cooking projects, and there really just hasn't been anything worth writing about lately.

How goes your December?


  1. You look great! (Although maybe my comment doesn't count for much, because I like the first outfit pictured, too.)

  2. It's not that what I normally wear is bad, it's just...boring and repetitive. Black or gray slacks. Almost identical shirt in one of nine colors. Limited selection of costume jewelry. Repeat.

    That, and "putting together coordinated outfits" seems like a lifeskill I ought to have and somehow missed picking up along the way. I must have been absent that day from school or something. ^_^