Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I am dressed (don't ask much more of me).

So in between the sickness and the tiredness and the Christmasness, I did manage to not only wear a dressy outfit last week but even photographed it.

First, all bundled up in a scarf and hand-me-down coat. A friend of mine gave me the coat, and despite the fact that she's much smaller/shorter than I, it works fairly well. The sleeves are supposed to be cuffed, but if I uncuff them they just reach to my hands--not long enough for a super cold day, but fine for normal cold days.

With coat.

As it's pretty much always cold in my office, this is how the outfit actually looked most of the day: with a cardigan. Look at those heels! They are surprisingly comfortable, though the tights made them slippery.

With sweater.

Finally, here's what it would look like otherwise. Ignore the fact that I've put on a bit of Christmas weight. Sigh. It's a shame you can't really see my jewelry in my terrible photos, because I liked the way it went with the outfit.


ANYWAY. Fun fact: I got this skirt the summer after my sophomore year of high school (impossibly long ago, now) during a visit all by myself to my grandparent's house in Michigan. It and another skirt acquired on the same trip are the only items of clothing from The Limited that I own.

I was completely in awe of actually acquiring clothing from a store in the mall, and at the time figured The Limited was pretty much the definition of a Decadent Rich People store. My grandmother insisted on buying me several items, and I was just aghast that someone would spend that much money a) on clothing and b) on me.

I hung onto these two skirts even through several years of them not fitting me at all (and the other, honestly, borders on scandalously short for these long legs). And now they fit me again, and I still can't afford clothing from The Limited, but I also know that Actual Decadent Rich People consider that cheap.

The world is crazy.

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