Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I am dressed (don't ask much more of me)!

This week: Layering, belts, dresses, and a surprise find in the back of my closet.

Tops: Old Navy; belt and pants: Target.
Belts are a continuing theme. I've also been doing a lot of tanks-over-tees. Trying to add some variety to my work outfits (not to mention taking advantage of slimming effects).

Top: gift; skirt: thrifted.
I got the Firefly t-shirt as a Christmas present ("Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!"), and though I've weaned myself off most graphic tees, I just can't pass up on Firefly.

The skirt I snagged at the Animal Aid thrift store a few weeks ago because it's loose and floaty (so much fabric!) and casual but fun. I am contemplating living in it this summer. It's not the most flattering thing, but its different and I can wear it while doing gardening and stuff because there's plenty of fabric to keep me from flashing everyone.

I got the t-shirt-with-skirt idea from Megan here; I'm not sure it actually looks good on me (reviewing Megan's photo, I've decided perhaps a belt is the answer), but it sure was cozy. 

Shirt: Loft; belt: Target; pants: old old old.
 Another work outfit. Pretty boring. I do love that belt, though.

Top: Old Navy; skirt: Sears;
necklace: Gordman's?
Sunday outfit. Yes please. I bought this skirt when I worked at Sears before I started my teaching job (skirts required; that's a rant in and of itself. Let's just say that girls and women had to wear skirts no matter how cold it was (and we had multiple ice/snow storms that year), but if it were hot, boys could wear shorts to chapel. Yeah. Very glad I got out of that place). ANYWAY, I love love love it. It's structured yet swingy, a modest-yet-flattering length, and oh. Love.

The shirt is actually small teal and navy stripes, which you can't see in the picture, and is another Old Navy favorite that I don't know how I'll ever replace. I love this outfit because it's trim and neat, with a touch of feminine flare in the skirt, bling in the necklace, and good color. Also, it makes me look skinny.

Dress: Loft.
I forgot to take a picture at home of what I wore to the step-sister-in-law's wedding on Saturday, which is a shame, because I was strutting some dang-girl! heels (these strappy purple beauties). And yes, I danced in them.

However. The dress looks ok; nothing special, but it was comfortable with my mini-baby-bump (my blue dress-for-weddings standby was a touch tight around the middle. and also was stained, ugh). Also: clearance at Loft for twenty bucks. Score.

You can't really see the jewelry I'm wearing because it's small and the necklace chain is very delicate, but it's almost the only "real" jewelry I own, and also the only jewelry the DDH has given me. He gave me the necklace the first Christmas we were dating, the matching earrings for my birthday, and the matching bracelet for...some other holiday. Dating anniversary, maybe? Anyway. Sapphires (blue!), baby diamonds, gold. I do love them, and I wear them to weddings for sentimental more than fashion reasons.

Dress: Old Navy; leggings: Sears.
I think that dress is from Old Navy; it might be Target. It has pockets, so it's one of my go-to party dresses (with leggings). I think it's actually either a girl's dress or a tunic shirt. Or an extra-small or something. Anyway. I like it because it's comfortable and cute (and has pockets), but it shows a lot of boobage. Not that I have much to show, but it's a struggle to keep the dress covering the bra. In the winter I wear it over a shirt, but it was so hot out I went with it plain.

Except it was so cold in the room of the birthday party we went to Friday night that I ended up dressed like this:

Scarf: Target?
Which at least also solved the boobage problem.

Shirts: Old Navy; pants and belt: Target.
Again with the belt-over-tank-over-t-shirt look. But. On some radio show or another this weekend I heard someone say that you couldn't wear brown and gray together. Excuse me? This is one of my favorite outfits. I had to wear it yesterday to prove the radio wrong. Take that.

Necklace: Gordman's; shirt: Old Navy;
skirt: homemade.
So I'm doing a closet purge (more on that later) for two reasons: one, it needed to be done anyway, and two, I need to pack away clothes that already don't fit me and make room for a key maternity piece or two.

Anyway, I made this skirt in the seventh grade. It and the absolutely hideous matching collared blouse are the only articles of clothing I have ever sewn, but I made them all by myself, from picking out a pattern and the cloth to cutting and pinning and sewing and hemming. That is a pleated front skirt with pockets and an elastic back. Fancy, right? Of course, I used someone else's sewing machine and haven't touched one since, so I have this split personality of I can sew/I can't sew thanks to this project.

The truth is, I now think the fabric (it's a tiny teal flower pattern) is sort of ugly, and it's not the most flattering length (though I will point out that I made this for myself in the seventh grade and it still fits. So there). I was about to toss it in the donate/repurpose pile. But it has pockets. And comfy 100% cotton. And a pleated front but an elastic back, which means it might fit me for a good bit of this pregnancy.

So I tried it on. Just to see. And you know, it went pretty well with the gray shirt I was wearing. And hey, I have this silver-and-turquoise necklace that really ties it together. So I wore it the rest of the day. The DDH is not a fan of skirts that hit below the knee (and in his defense, mid-calf really is not a flattering length for me), but he didn't say anything. I wore it to WalMart and no one gave me strange looks (though admittedly, it's WalMart). So it's staying in the closet for at least awhile longer.

It's Wednesday, and that's what I wore. What are y'all wearing this week?
Have you salvaged any surprises from your closet lately?

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