Monday, June 4, 2012

I am having my share of ups and downs.

So the nightmare finally happened.

One second I'm cheerfully rinsing shampoo out of my hair.

The next second I'm standing in three inches of liquid feces.

Only for about 0.05 seconds, though, as I magically teleported out of the tub, screaming bloody murder. There is seriously no other explanation for how quickly I exited that shower without falling and cracking my skull open.

The DDH believes that bloody-murder screams should be reserved for actual occasions of serious bodily harm (and/or sudden confrontation by axe murderers/rabid bears). I tried to explain to him that having sewage gush out at you while you are standing around naked is in fact serious bodily harm. He doesn't seem to believe me, though.

The plumber came this afternoon and temporarily fixed the problem, and will be out Wednesday to see about more permanent solutions.

Because seriously. Never again.


My step-sister-in-law's wedding went off without a hitch (or with only one hitch, I suppose, the intended one, ba-dum tss).

They put little fake candles on a bunch of the protruding rocks. It was beautiful.

The aisle.
Methodist weddings are apparently races--I think the ceremony took all of fifteen minutes.

Once again, the DDH and I concluded that our wedding was the best one we've been to so far. We take a certain amount of comfort in that. I was a terrible wedding planner (I get very practical and anti-sentimental and end up skipping or skimping on things I later wish had been better done), but even though I sometimes think of details I could have changed or done differently (like my dress, or our photographer), we carefully planned the actual ceremony, and we still prefer it to all the others we've seen since. Yay.

The bridesmaids had different dresses in the same color, but all had matching sparkly silver Toms shoes.

The groomsmen had black Toms.
His step-aunt and I managed to coax the DDH to dance at the reception.

I learned that doing squats on tiptoe (aka four-inch heels) really works out your quads (ow).

Cake, bouquet, champagne flutes.

I managed to have a decent time sans alcohol (a feat much more difficult to accomplish at the birthday party we went to Friday night. My social anxiety was in overtime that evening).
Groom's cake. K is a forestry major, so had a tree-shaped cake. Both this and the bride's cake were on cross-sections of trees that he...cut, I guess?
Initials carved in the bark.

We stayed up way too late cleaning everything up (I'm still tired).

The DDH saved the day by getting the wax out of the facility's carpet after the groom's drunken college friends dumped the lit memorial candle on the floor (the step-siblings-in-law's mother died of cancer several years ago; they had a memorial candle surrounded by sunflowers (her favorite) on the altar at the ceremony and at the welcome table at the reception).

We danced that traditional American folk dance, The YMCA.

Good times.


Sunday was Bible study and church and the semi-annual information meeting. Two different people separately are trying to get me and/or the DDH onto the Board of Directors. They'd best be careful what they wish for.

Holy Trinity Sunday banners.
We planted sunflowers in the front yard. Let's hope they grow and were not washed away by last night's storms.

We spent all evening at the mother-in-law's house, doing laundry and showering. So we and our clothes are clean, and now the plumber's come and I can wash the dishes.

How were y'all's weekends? What do you love/hate about weddings and wedding receptions?Anyone have a story to top showering in sewage? 


  1. *sigh

    I just wrote you a whole long comment lamenting your sewage issue and telling you about my broken computer. And I ended it with "Thank god for temporary solutions (the plumbers for you and the iPad for me)"...and then my iPad freaked out and deleted my entire comment.

    So now you get a short one, but I am sorry about your shower, no fun.

    1. Ugh, I hate hate hate when computers do that to me. I never seem to learn that I should be, what, copying my comments constantly? Oh well. Sorry about that.

      No fun indeed! I hope your computer gets...fixed? replaced? soon. Thanks, Jessi. ^_^

  2. Oh, my gosh, Katie. I would have been screaming bloody murder, too. I've hated cleaning out poop from the baby tub, and then it's not that much. I cannot imagine. I'm so sorry you had to live out that moment.
    Can we just live close so we can talk in person and you can use my shower? (<-wishful thinking, right?)

    1. Every woman I've spoken to agrees my screams were fully justified. The DDH has resigned himself to Being Wrong on this particular point.

      Everything seems to be better now...they ran a camera through and said we didn't need to replace the line. We'll see, I guess.

      Wouldn't that be lovely? Coffee dates and emergency showers all around. ^_^