Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I am dressed (don't ask much more of me)!

I got a new phone (a long saga that involves the DDH taking his phone on a float trip, buying a nicer one to replace it, and me getting childishly jealous until he got me one, too), and I think there's a gap between pictures I took on my old phone but never uploaded to the intArwebz, and photos from my new phone.

But! Here's some of what I've been wearing:

Top: Old Navy; necklace: Stein Mart;
skirt: Target.
You can definitely tell the clothing stretches out more than it did when I used to wear this outfit (at one point, the skirt was so loose on me it was practically falling off--no longer!), but tucking in the shirt and cutting my midsection with the line of the skirt does create a slimmer sillhouette.

I suppose I should put in a disclaimer about what I'm doing when I talk about whether things make me look skinny or fat. Obviously I'm not in any way upset about gaining weight right now--that's the whole idea, when you're pregnant. ^_^ I am trying to keep it in a healthy range, but it's certainly not a problem.

Nor, really, am I trying to engage in any sort of fat-shaming in general. I work hard at working out and eating right so that I can feel a certain way, and for my body at this point in my life, that does also mean that I'm usually fairly slim. It helps that I'm tall and have ridiculously long legs--150 pounds looks much different on me than on someone who's 5'5". My goal isn't to be skinny, to in any way insult people who aren't, or to imply that having a certain body type makes you a better person, because it doesn't.

That said, I am genuinely interested in how you can alter your appearance with clothing. It's amazing to me how different I look just because I add or take away a belt, tuck in a shirt or leave it loose, or wear the same piece of clothing in a different size. It's just interesting, and I like to play around with these effects to achieve the looks I want.

Anyway. Onward with clothes!

Top: Goodwill; belt: Target; pants: Kohl's.
Most of my belts no longer go across my waist. I have to wear them around the bottom of my ribcage, right underneath my boobs. But I think they look cute that way! I'm still loving belts in order to pinch in and define some sort of waist, and because I think it looks nicer to break up my increasing bulk with some sort of contrasting accessory.

Plus, I stand by the statement that belts turn clothing into outfits. ^_^

For perspective, here's almost the same outfit from back in May, at about fourteen and a half weeks:

Shirt: Goodwill; belt and pants: Target.

It's a different belt and non-maternity pants, but the same top. Obviously a change!

Top: Loft; belt: Target; skirt: thrifted.
I do like this skirt a lot. Here it is dressed up with a niceish shirt and--of course!--a belt.

Tops: Old Navy; belt: Goodwill; pants: Kohl's.
It is officially too hot for me to wear tanks and shirts layered like this anymore. It makes three layers with the belly panel on the maternity pants and it's just too much. These outfits will be back in the fall though, I'm sure. They're just so cute!

And for reference: The last two pictures are from July 20 (23.5 weeks), the first is from July 22 (just shy of 24 weeks), and the second from July 24 (24 weeks, 1 day). T-Rex seems to have had a growth spurt, but you can also see just what I mean about how much clothes influence how you look.

It's Wednesday, and that's what I've been wearing.
How about you? How do you use clothing to create different effects?

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