Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I am dressing the baby.

This weekend managed to be both restful and productive, which was what I needed.

Baby updates!

I don't have a What I Wore Wednesday post, but here's some pictures of cute baby clothes for you instead.

We went to the local Just Between Friends sale Saturday night and picked up:
  • a spare playpen (for downstairs, since we plan to use the one we requested on our registry as a bassinet upstairs).
  • a breast pump with all the little accessories (including a car charger) that appears to have never been used. Or maybe used once. For fifty dollars. Which is pretty much nothing.
  • two diaper bags (don't worry, Jessi, yours will be the favorite! but the DDH wanted a manly black one, and I got a nice one so I'd have two--the heir and the spare, if you will).
  • some random toddler-proofing items.
  • a ring-sling. I plan to practice slinging my stuffed koala bear, Croc, in hopes I can get this skillset down before the actual, more breakable baby comes along.
  • a lovely stash of cloth diapers (mostly Green Bees pocket diapers, but there are a couple of small FuzziBunz in there and two Thirsties covers as well as a pile of prefolds and lots of inserts).
Mostly Green Bees one-size pockets, but also two Thirsties
wraps and a stack of prefolds.
  • adorable tiny baby clothing. The first baby clothing we've purchased. I was telling the DDH that I didn't necessarily understand the appeal of baby clothing, that all the gadgets were much more interesting, but we walked down the Infant Boys aisle anyway. And there were fluffy dinosaur sleep sacks and tiny dinosaur footie pajamas and a matching puppy outfit of long-sleeved onesie, bib, and hat. The end.
I caught Kaylee trying to eat the foot off the sweatpants on
the left...not sure what to make of that.

Puppies and dinosaurs!
  • a stuffed dinosaur.

I washed all the clothings and diapers and have stocked the drawer in the living room where I plan to have our impromptu changing station with the diapers. Now if only I had a dresser to put the clothes in. Or a closet. Or even a room....

But! There has been progress on that front, too. The DDH finished all the sanding:

And we cleaned up the walls, ceiling, windows, etc. of all the sawdust:

Clean me!


Cleaned and holes filled.
And filled in the holes in the floor and spackled the walls.

Next step I think is to tack the floor (which is apparently using these special sticky cloths to pick up all the sawdust that the broom and shopvac left behind), then we can stain! And stain some more. And sand more. And seal. And sand more. And eventually we'll be able to paint the walls (we're doing the floors first just in case the brown we picked for the walls ends up clashing with the stain color) and at some point there might even be some furniture to go in there. Miracles happen.

Still. Progress!

Oh, and then I went back to that sale yesterday and found this:

Dinosaur hat.

And best of all, this:

Dinosaur diaper.
That kid will be themed from head to butt.

He's going to hate dinosaurs so much.


  1. Yep, he's going to HATE dinosaurs. And it's not going to matter, because while he is under a year old you can force as much dino anything on him as you want!

    Definitely smart to have more than one diaper bag. I am all ready to start putting this thing together, just waiting for the exterior fabric to arrive in my mailbox! I'm super excited, this thing is gonna be adorable. I may have bought some giant googly eyes... :-)

    Random question, the door to the nursery, is it like a regular swing open and shut door with a doorknob? Like, not a slidy pocket door or anything weird?

    1. That's what I figure. He can pick other stuff out once he's older, but I need a theme to grasp onto or the decisions become too overwhelming.

      YAY. That's exciting. I'm excited. ^_^ Plus, while the dinosaur one is going to be the cutest ever, the one I got is brown and plain with a buckle and sort of looks fancier...better if I have to take it to businessy things. ^_^

      True, a regular door with a regular round doorknob. The closet has sliding (not pocket) doors but we took them off to do the sanding and are debating whether or not to put them back on. But the door to the room is normal.

    2. Awesome! I have a couple fun ideas for what to do with the extra dino fabric I have... :-)