Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I am dressed (don't ask much more of me)!

It's been a few weeks since I did a What I Wore post, so I have a backlog of pictures. But something is messed up on my phone or Picasa or something, because it's not letting me upload more recent pictures. Grr.

Anyway. T-Rex is pretty obvious now (especially considering the most recent of these is from ten days ago!).

Shirts: Old Navy; belt: Goodwill; pants: Kohl's.
I'm actually starting to wear fewer belts now because they barely fasten even at my narrowest point. Sigh. But for awhile I was wearing them every day.
I love this blue shirt and yesterday noticed that it's starting to look a little...icky...around the armpits. *sob* I need to find a new one, I guess. The color is so cheerful.
Shirts: Old Navy; belt: Goodwill;
skirt: Old Navy.
I wore the shirt and belt with the pants above for work and with this miniskirt that evening. Maybe I'm starting to be at the age/life stage where I can't wear miniskirts anymore. But this one is so comfortable. And why not go for it for as long as I can, amirite?

Everything Old Navy.
This is from the last gasp of super summer heat. Knit tank, knit skirt. Cool and comfy all around.

I love that skirt, by the way. It's so soft and comfy. If it had pockets, it would be perfect.

Top: borrowed; pants: Kohl's.
Now for something different! I borrowed some maternity clothes (mostly tops and some dresses) from a friend of mine who had a baby last October. I really like this grey one, as it's cool and comfortable but still looks nice. I'm not really sure what the point is of the strip of fabric hanging down the front (it feels like there ought to be another so you can tie them in a bow or something, but there isn't), but it works, I guess.

Top: borrowed; pants: Kohl's.
Another borrowed maternity top. I do like that purple color, and ruffles are fun. My friend has good taste. I should have her buy my clothes.

Everything Old Navy.
Perhaps this was actually the last gasp of summer heat...the same skirt as above, but a different tank. I have mixed feelings about this tank. I almost got rid of it before I got pregnant, because it's an empire waist and very loose around the belly, which I have finally realized is a terrible look for normal me. But obviously it's quite appropriate for me now. ^_^

Unfortunately, the top part still fits weirdly. I can't figure out if it's too small or too big or what. The line tends to ride up over my boobs instead of under them, but if I loosen the straps they fall off my shoulders. I don't know. I should probably still get rid of it because it ends up being uncomfortable and unflattering.

Top: Gap; belt: Loft (stolen from a dress);
capris: Kohl's.
Purple on purple with my much-worn maternity capri cargo pants. The tie actually goes to a dress I picked up at Loft a couple years ago for less than twenty dollars, but I thought it was cute tied in front like a maternity top.

I wore this outfit to a ladies' lock-in at my church (where yes, I stayed up most of the night and slept a few hours on the floor in a sleeping bag). Purple is the organization's colors, and now that I remember that this outfit exists, I think I may wear it again to our conference next month. ^_^

Dress: borrowed; belt: Target.
I borrowed this dress, as well, and love it. I'm contemplating stealing it forever.

Dress: Old Navy; belt: Target.
Am I the only woman in the world who hates maxi dresses? This is the only one I own. I's comfortable, but not any more so than any knit dress or skirt, and less so in that it's strapless and has a tendency to...pull down a bit over the course of the wear. And I don't think they're particularly flattering. But maybe that's because I have nice long (if ghostly pale) legs and like showing them off? I just think maxi dresses make people look like tree trunks--all one thick cylinder. Bleh.

I do like that bright blue color though, don't I? ^_^

That's what I've been wearing!

What trends or popular pieces do you dislike or find unflattering, on yourself or everyone?


  1. Look how pregnant you are!!! Squee!

    Also, I hate maxi dresses too! I don't even own any, they look horrendous on me.

    And, I haven't tried this yet, but I saw a pin about getting rid of yellow underarm dinge on shirts. It's supposed to be for white shirts, but the ingredients are Dawn and hydrogen peroxide (and baking soda if you want) and I've never had the peroxide bleach a shirt before so I imagine it should work on colors too. Maybe give it a try before tossing the blue shirt!

    1. And moreso now! ^_^

      I hear people rave about them all summer, but, meh. Skirts that hit just above the knee seem to be most flattering on me.

      Hmm. I know peroxide /can/ bleach, sometimes. Might be worth a shot. I do tend to wear my shirts right into the ground, so anything that might perk them up is worth a try. ^_^