Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I am dressed (don't ask much more of me)!

Guys. The high today is supposed to be seventy-two degrees, guys.

In February.

*happy dance*

We also got some much-needed rain over the weekend and Monday.

Some outfits for you:
Gray sweater dress: Ross; Leggings: Target; belt: Target?
I wore these with my gray ankle boots that I think you've seen elsewhere, but they're cute with my slipper-flats. Hmm. The boots seem more formal and work-appropriate, though.

This is a fairly standard Katie-uniform: gray and black. I wear a lot of both of those colors, usually paired with silver or gunmetal (shiny black, like the pictured belt) jewelry.

Sunday, however, I attempted to switch things up. I braved the world of color, guys.

Shirt: Old Navy; Scarf: Target; Skirt: hand-me-down;
Belt: Target; Leggings: Target; Purple pumps: JC Penney.

A yellow scarf AND purple pumps.
And a lot of black things.
I found those purple pumps on clearance at JC Penney Saturday for $15. Fifteen dollars! Yay.

Cute, right?
Purple is one of the colors I do accessorize with--by which I mean, I have a number of purple shirts that I pair with black or gray bottoms, and a purple skirt I'll pair with a black or gray top, and a pair of purple earrings, and a frequently worn purple scarf.

So the shoes made perfect sense, though normally I would have stopped there--one color at a time, guys.

But yellow...I bought this yellow scarf on Black Friday, boldened by midnight impulse and grand fashionista dreams, but I just took the tag off on Sunday. Those dreams seemed foolish in the light of day.

Knot courtesy of Pinterest-surfing.
But it was dreary and rainy all day Saturday and, though Sunday turned out to be sunny and beautiful, I needed that shot of cheer that yellow brings. Plus, Pinterest has provided me with a plethora of scarf knots that I've been dying to try out.

With my hand-me-down houndstooth coat.
I'm not saying I'll be going out and buying anything else yellow, but I liked the way it worked (with an otherwise conservative black ensemble, this is still me, people).

I've been told yellow is not my color, though.
So of course the DDH hated it. He doesn't like yellow on me. (He also doesn't like the skirt I'm wearing, but I have my suspicions that he only likes tight short skirts, so perhaps I should discount his opinion when in polite company?)

Anyway. For today, I'm in all black again, but on purpose. It's Ash Wednesday, and so it's unadorned black for me. No belts, no statement jewelry, just black on black on black with my silver cross necklace and smallest silver hoops.
Dust we are and to dust we shall return.
Lent probably needs its own post. I do love the reassuring rhythms of the church year, though.

So what are you wearing these days? Anyone trying any bold-for-you experiments? What do you think about yellow?

Looking for a last bit of fatty Mardi Gras food--or do you just want to know what I ate last night? Latkes!

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