Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I am dressed (don't ask much more of me)!

Mostly this week has been very boring, clothes-wise, but here's what I wore Sunday, a tank-top dress over a long-sleeved shirt, with tights and boots:

Bonus dog-butt in the picture.
I liked it. I love this dress in the summer--it's knit and comfortable and cool. It was nice to wear it over a shirt and not to have to worry about it gaping and showing off the girls too much.

That's my perennial problem with tops: If they're long enough and fit through the middle, they are made for much more...well-endowed women than I. Other women have problems with their busts popping out of too-small tops. I have a problem where the tops just gape open because there's not enough to fill them.


Anyway. I love this look on other people, but I'm not sure it does me a lot of favors. I would ask your opinion if I could actually be bothered to take better photos, but so far the phone camera and the dusty mirror are it (I lack a tripod and also the motivation to ever upload pictures from my normal camera).

I could, I suppose, at least dust the mirror.

Anyway. On Anne at The Modern Mrs. Darcy's recommendation, I recently bought Tiny Twig's e-book The No-Brainer Wardrobe. I've been scanning through it and I'm excited to actually whip my wardrobe into shape and put together some nice outfits and and and.


I think I'm trying to do too much. I've been cooking like a fifties housewife, doggedly cleaning and organizing the house every day, working out four to five times a week, reading two books a week, at some point still going to work and choir practices and meetings, and it seems like I never get around to the gardening tasks I need to be doing if I'm going to justify the fact that I spent eighty dollars on seeds and another seventy-five on supplies, not to mention an hour expanding the darn thing, and the prospect of fencing in the new bit looms large.

I am trying to clean and organize my trainwreck of a house, have a magnificent vegetable garden, cook every meal from scratch, and figure out a polished and shiny-fun wardrobe?

It's just not going to happen.

Not all at once, anyway.

And I've actually been pretty good about chopping things down into little pieces and just doing a tiny bit every day (yesterday I cleaned my microwave! And the day before that, the range hood!), but I've added too much to the to-do list and a) it's getting overwhelming and b) one of my Major Important Goals for the year (the garden) is getting neglected.

All that to say, I'll keep trying to hit my goal of one nifty outfit a week, and I'll keep trying to cook at least three meals a week, and I'll keep trying to work fifteen minutes on the house every day...but hopefully you'll be seeing some gardening progress posts soon, and those tasks need to come before the fun fashion stuff.

Ugh. Being a grownup is hard.

Also I have a miserable chest cold and my lungs feel like they're on fire and I would be tempted to see a doctor about that if I had $25 and a boss who would let me off work. Oh well. Hot tea FTW.


  1. It took me a few weeks to figure out that your post title (...don't ask much more of me) is always the same for WIWW. And it cracks me up every. time. :)

    I have a black summer dress a lot like yours that I should try layering. For some reason I have gobs of summer dresses but no winter ones.

    Hope you enjoy the book!

    1. ^_^

      YES. I have one wool dress (which I love) and a couple dark gray shift dresses that I guess are sort of seasonless, but most of my dresses are knits and lots are tank-top type bodices. I guess there's just something about a fun and flouncy summer dress that screams "buy me!" But there's no reason the poor things should stay locked away for three-quarters of the year.

      I aaaaammm enjoying it. I think I'll need to read it a couple times to digest it thoroughly, though.