Monday, February 20, 2012

Sigh. I really want to create a Guns board on Pinterest so I can keep track of the different guns I've been trying out at the range, but I worry that it will put me on some sort of government watch list or something. (Watch out! That chocolate caramel lava cake she just pinned is definitely criminal.)

But wouldn't a Fight For Your Rights second amendment-themed board be nice? Having a picture would help me remember which was which, and I could put my little review of it, and post, I don't know, shooting safety tips or something (Every Gun Is Always Loaded).

Is it weird that I think that would be cute?

In lieu of said board, I shall just note here that the XD .40 caliber I shot Saturday was nice. I've been looking at .40s and 9 mms, I think. They still have stopping power but are just a touch smaller and would be easier to conceal (though honestly I couldn't conceal carry anything the way I normally dress. Women's fashions obviously are not created with imprinting in mind).

Reasonable grip size, comfortable in my hand (I have large hands for a woman (I mean, they're proportional to my height, but I'm tall), but obviously still much smaller hands than a man, so this can be awkward). No feeding problems in fifty rounds, which isn't a lot, so I'll have to check the reviews, but the DDH's 1911 was giving him trouble so I was paying attention to that.

I also figured out what I was doing wrong with my grip, and went from maybe a dozen out of thirty rounds hitting the target at all, to 18/20 in the ten box (+1 in the nine). Turns out I was pressing the trigger with the wrong part of my finger. I mean, it was the part they said to press with, but for some reason in my hands that didn't give me enough control. Switched it forward a bit and bam! (no pun intended. Maybe). Made all the difference.

It is nice to outshoot the DDH every once in awhile. ^_~

So that's what I was up to this weekend (that and cleaning the craft room...slow and steady wins the race, I hope).

How were y'all's weekends? Do you get a three-day weekend for President's Day (I don't, ugh)?Anything interesting on the agenda for this last full week of February?


  1. My weekend was good- not as relaxing as others, due to the amount of homework the husband had due this weekend, but good overall:-). I got to go to yoga, work on my project, and have friends over for dinner. <--all things I enjoy.

    1. That sounds like a lovely weekend! Is your husband in school? Mine just graduated from law school and I know what it's like when they're buried in homework....