Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I am dressed (don't ask much more of me)!

I've been in a bit of a rut, outfit-wise, for a few weeks, but this past week or so I finally hit on some inspiration and a few outfits that look good.

Have I shown you this one before? It's from back in February:

Shirt: Either H&M in Freiburg (because
there's not one in Oklahoma OR New Mexico,
cry) or Old Navy--I have two red shirts and don't
remember which one this was; Dress: Old Navy;
Leggings: Target; Necklace: Kohl's.
Sometimes I like the dress-over-a-shirt thing and sometimes I don't. This one was okay, except apparently the shirt added a bit of bulk around the middle--a lady at church asked me when the baby was due. :-(

I really feel like I've described this outfit before, but I don't see it in my old posts. Hmm.

Anyway, I like this dress because it's so comfy-casual-summer, but that crossed bodice style, though popular and though I always end up buying items with it, really doesn't work that well with small boobs. A size that's big enough both to be long enough and to fit me around the waist/shoulders/hips/wherever inevitably gapes at the boobs. So the shirt underneath helps solve this problem as well as warmed it up for winter.

Shirt: Old Navy; Jeggings: American Eagle;
Necklace: Target.
I have had this shirt My sister has a matching one. She ripped a hole in it and tried to pull a switcheroo on me. I sewed up the hole in hers and stole my uninjured one back. THAT'S HOW OLD THIS IS, I was still in high school and shared a room with my sister.

I love this outfit. I love blousy tops with jeggings/skinny jeans (skinny jeans have the advantage of pockets). I also get a lot of complements on that necklace--I swear it was just on sale at Target, it's nothing special. I wore this out with my purple pumps and around the house with my ballet flat slippers and it's just so comfy and yet put-together. Win.

Shirt: Old Navy; Sweater: Old Navy; Pants:
Target; Belt: Target or Old Navy; Dog Collar:
Southern Agriculture.
Jayne wanted to get in on the fashion picture action, too.

Even though I burrow into a cardigan every day at the office, very rarely does it occur to me to actually make it a part of the outfit. This makes sense in the summer, when I'm not wearing it outside of the office, but it was cool enough for a cardigan out and about.

It's amazing what buttoning the thing up and slapping a belt on the outside of it will do to an otherwise normal and boring outfit.

Camisole: Kohl's; Shirt: Old Navy; Skinny
Jeans: Old Navy; Belt: stolen from a jacket
that I got at SteinMart.
Wow, this picture makes my hips look huge. It didn't feel like that was the case IRL.

Here again is an outfit I've worn numerous times: black v-neck shirt over a red camisole, with my very favorite dark skinny jeans. But it occurred to me that the sash from a red jacket I had would work tied around the middle, and it did. It brought definition to my figure and flair to the outfit.

And then it was freezing in church and I wore my scarf and trenchcoat the entire time so no one even saw my awesomeness. And then when I had to take the coat off to donate blood I also took off the sash because restricting my breathing when I knew I would get light-headed seemed like a bad idea.

But I wore this again with a pair of black slacks to the office and was happy with it.

Dress: Target; Cardigan: Old Navy; Belt:
Target or Old Navy; Tights: Target;
Necklace: Target? Express? Somewhere.
Monday we had a Very Important Lunch Meeting. These are intimidating, because our clients and potential clients are all wealthy, successful professionals--lawyers, in this case--and dress like, well, they have a lot of money, in high-quality suits and things. I usually try to wear a dress or some other outfitty thing because my singular suit jacket that I bought at Target for Youth & Government back in high school is...pretty sad. So rather than try and fail with an obviously cheap "professional look," I go with an outfit that's obviously not trying to look like a suit, where the cheap clothing maybe isn't as noticeable.

And didn't I look awesome? It's impossible to tell in the picture, but the dress is a dark gray with a hatch pattern of lighter gray stripes, and then a black cardigan, gray silver-studded belt, black leggins, and my gray leather boots. I liked it, anyway.

So there you go! A ridiculously long look at what I've been wearing.


  1. I absolutely LOVE that blousy top and skinny jeans look on you! I keep seeing it on people and thinking it's super cute, but somehow when I try it I'm never quite as thrilled with it. :-)

    1. Thanks, Jessi! I think it sort of balances me out a bit, because I have long legs, big hips, and a tiny bust. So a fuller top adds volume there while the skinny jeans emphasize the long legs.

      That's my theory, anyway. It works better with some tops than others.