Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I am spring cleaning!

Yes, I know, all I'm posting about is cleaning my house but hey, it's what I've been doing lately.

Here are some before pictures of the master bedroom:

Charming, right?

Well, behind that green curtain you can see the tiniest bedroom closet ever invented in the history of bedroom closets. There is barely enough room in there for my clothes, much less the DDH's. Theoretically, his clothes live in the closet of the guest bedroom downstairs.

In practice, expecting him to shuttle clothes up and down stairs all the way across the house every time he wants to get dressed or undressed or do laundy is...impractical. So instead there were random DDH clothes draped all over the room. It was driving us both crazy.

So I bought a forty dollar portable closet thing and some nice wooden hangars at Target and set them up while he was out of town a few weekends ago. Now his clothes have a place to live that is sensible and convenient.

Which doesn't in any way stop him from draping them all over the room or leaving them in the laundry basket instead of putting them away. -_-

Anyway, the after pictures of my weekend-to-myself cleaning project, complete with picturesque canines:

Isn't that lovely?

Note that neither of the dogs are sleeping on their lovingly designed dog bed den. This is typical during the day, but at night they really do sleep on it and it's adorable.

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  1. Your after pictures look fantastic! Nice job, Katie:-).