Thursday, March 29, 2012

I am not actually accomplishing anything.

So I actually cooked dinner the other evening, and it actually tastes pretty good, and I actually remembered to take pictures so I could finally actually update Reality Chef...

...But then I got halfway through a bowl of the leftover soup for lunch today, seriously thought I was going to hurl it back up, and still feel on the verge of being sick. No way can I look at the pictures of the stuff or type up its recipe.

Also I think it would be a little off-putting to put in the description that this food almost made me throw up. But it's good! I promise you'll like it! Really guys, I promise!

Up until now I've only felt vaguely queasy and just had no appetite, but I guess I don't get to entirely skip the morning-sickness thing after all. :-/

This is my life right now: lots of thinking and planning but no actually doing anything. Lots of sitting around at work trying to look busy when I feel like curling up and passing out--either in bed or in front of a toilet seat.

Nausea and fatigue, 6; Katie, 0.


  1. Aww I'm sorry you're feeling sick... :-( If it helps make you feel better, IMO planning can be just as good as doing. At least that way when you get around to doing you've already got lists and know exactly what you're going to do!

    1. Maybe if I were actually making lists, instead of sitting around with half-baked plans floating around in my foggy brain. Lol.

      I feel like I'm trying to absorb too much information, and so none of it is sticking. I really do need to start writing stuff down. ^_^