Monday, November 21, 2011

I am drained.

The firm I work for was audited today, which means I spent all day running around pulling up the information the auditor wanted. All day too nervous to eat, jittery with fear (unreasonable, surely). All day waiting and rushing and waiting some more. All day here early and staying late and after all that he'll "send us his report next week." Surely it will be okay. Surely.

And now I have to go to a meeting...not just attend, but lead, because I'm the president, and it's too much for my little introverted self today. Too much adrenaline and sugar and new people and old people and it's-all-up-to-me.

Too much everything-left-to-the-last-minute in life. Too much to pack before leaving. Too much to check off the list: work, clean, pack, prep. Make sure the office will be okay while I'm gone, that the animals will be okay while I'm gone, that the world will continue to function without me for a few days which of course it will but will it really?

Just plain too much.

And after spending much of the weekend making the hugest pile of delicious and natural homemade goodies (granola! yogurt! protein bars! granola bars! fruit leather! dried fruits! cocoa! okay maybe cocoa mix isn't natural but it's tasty shut up) I'm going to go eat the lukewarm taco the DDH fetched me from a fast-food restaurant and I'm going to drag myself to my meeting and I'm going to try to still make it a good one.

And then I'm going to sleep forever. Or at least until it all begins again six a.m. sharp tomorrow.


  1. Oh, I hope today went well...and that you're getting to relax right about now.

  2. Thank you, Sarah! Not relaxing yet but definitely feeling better. ^_^