Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What I am into this month.

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte with homemade whipped cream.
Also featured: Adorable fall leaf lamp found in the dollar spot at Target. :-)

On My Nightstand: Oh, October has been a Reading Fail month. I finished the Sisters Grimm YA novels I was reading in September. I've worked a little further through Zeno's Paradox, the one about the nature of space and time. I started reading Artemis Fowl, which, honestly, is not very good. I have a feeling I read another book there in th emiddle somewhere. OH yes! Mistress of Spices, which was excellent, except the ending. I thought it was sort of a cop-out ending. But still, a beautifully written book. (Apparently, I learned when googling a link to the book for you, it was made into a movie in 2005. Who knew?)

At my Bible study/fitness class at church on Wednesdays, we are working our way through the book The 52 Greatest Stories of the Bible, which is more interesting than it sounds. It's a devotional-type study, how-these-stories-apply-to-our-lives sort of thing. I've appreciated looking at some of those old familiar tales from a different perspective. The DDH hates it, though.

Want to Read: Oh goodness. Probably something not-YA, before I lose several grade levels off my vocabulary.

When I picked these, I said they were the last of the year's peppers, but
I'll be darned if those things don't continue to produce.

TV Show Worth Watching: Blue Exorcist is over. This makes me cry. BUT. Hulu has kindly been providing us with Castle and Community and I haven't really been following anything else, though my parents and the DDH have both been enjoying Top Shot.

Movies I've Seen (in or out of a theater): I don't remember any. The sad thing is, I'm almost certain that I saw a few. I know I spent money to watch movies that I don't even remember watching. Yikes. I know we went to see one. We invited our roommate along...what was that that we saw? Oh dear. This is going to bother me now.

Oh yes, and also, we watched Cannibal the Musical for Halloween. On Hulu. For free. Hilarious.

Did I mention that one Saturday this month, our office building was evacuated because of a fire?
You'd think my boss would realize this was God telling him not to make us work on Saturdays.

In My Ears: I cheated and bought the Mumford and Sons CD and between that and the Mumford and Sons/Florence + the Machine station on Pandora, my ears were full all month long. Seriously wow. Also, my car got a new battery and I lost all my pre-set radio stations and haven't bothered to reset them yet, so a CD is my only option. EXCEPT that yesterday, in an attempt to recover my old stations, I stumbled onto a classical radio station and that makes me happy.

Bunny vs. Beagle

Newest Blog Reads/Internet Interest: I have been following Frugally Sustainable and The Humbled Homemaker on Facebook for a few weeks now, and let me tell you, my emailed-to-myself list of Totally Awesome Things to Try Making At Home is twenty-five emails long and many of those emails include more than one item. Obviously, my goal for November should be to clean out my craft room so I can actually do some of these. Also so that I can be sure I'm not accidentally breeding vermin in there.

My friend Tiffany made me this hat. She's amazing.

What I'm looking forward to next month: October, thou favoritest month, you were something of a disappointment this year. The weather, at least, was nice, and today, on the first of November, the high is supposed to be 79 degrees. Yes, please-and-thank-you, I'll put off winter as long as humanly possible.

But! November. Let's see. Some crazy-busy stuff at work, combined with an attempt to actually take two days off of work and go to some state beginning with I (not Idaho) to celebrate Thanksgiving with the DDH's extended family. I've never been out there, so this should be interesting.

Also, when I took one day, one measly little day, off of work to watch the DDH get sworn in to the Oklahoma Bar, I spent most of that day on the phone with work because everything exploded. Seriously, it made me scared to ever leave again, but I so so so badly need a vacation. I'm anticipating some tension at work because of this.

I'm approaching November with no small amount of trepidation. Still! If October was worse than I thought it would be, perhaps November will be better than I think it will be.


  1. Oh,I hope you get that vacation...and that you're able to forget all about work while you're there.

  2. Thank you, Sarah! I hope so too. ^_^