Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What I am into this month.

The leaves are slowly disappearing.

On My Nightstand: I finally finished Zeno's Paradox. Yay me! Mostly what I got out of it was that string theory sounds COMPLETELY MADE UP.

I'm sort of still reading the Artemis Fowl books, but guys, they're not very good. At all. I would not recommend them for a child/teenager. Honestly, once you're past the 123ABC level of book, if it is not in some way worthwhile for an adult to read, it's not worthwhile for a child to read. There are so so so many Good books out there. Why waste anyone's time? This is not to say that I don't totally read books that aren't good but are fun. Like maybe the Animorphs. Don't judge.

Other than that, I've been so busy (and also not babysitting that much, which is when I get most of my reading done) that I haven't been reading.

Want to Read: Which leads me to...suggestions, anyone? I have somewhere a book I need to read for work but I am just so not committed to books on finance and the investment world. Anyway. Give me something fun and or entertainingly edifying. GO.

TV Show Worth Watching: Castle is having a standout season, IMHO. Bones is consistently pretty good. Community is...not. The DDH and I watched the entire first season recently, and I just have to say, what happened to this show? It used to be so good and now it's just...depressing.

The jury's still out on my two fairy tale shows. I want very much to love Once Upon a Time and Grimm. So far, though, I don't. All the characters on OUaT irritate me (that kid is tremendously obnoxious and neither of the mothers really make sense). The little flashback fairy-tale scenes are the best by far. The best part of Grimm is the cello-playing, Pilates-practicing Bludbad sidekick. Hilarious. Also I do enjoy all the tremendously mispronounced straight-up German they use for naming everything (Bludbad, btw, means bloodbath. What a lovely name for werewolves!).

Movies I've Seen (in or out of a theater): I'm not sure I've actually watched any movies this month! Any recommendations?
In My Ears: Still pretty much Mumford & Sons and Florence + the Machine. BUT the day after Thanksgiving marks the day the DDH officially gives me permission to break out the Christmas music: so it's suddenly all Mannheim Steamroller and Amy Grant and random carol singers all the time for me until Epiphany.

What I'm looking forward to next month: Not Christmas. By which I mean, we had been planning to go visit my family this Christmas and now we can't, so it will be another Tulsa Christmas. Holidays here are always slightly awkward because it's the DDH, his mom, and her new husband and all of his family. Which, they're all very nice, but it's neither my family nor his, so it's...strange. And I only get one day off, so it's not like there's a big break to look forward to.

BUT that's okay, because I still enjoy the Advent/Christmas season. I've accepted that I'll just be working through the whole thing and I've (mostly) accepted that I won't be able to go home, and I'm determined to enjoy what I've got--which, frankly, is a lot. There's the all-Lutheran performances of Handel's Messiah this weekend (which I'm singing in for the first time, yay), various Advent caroling and music services, probably some nursing home caroling, parties galore, lots of lights and pretty decorations, presents that I know will make their recipients happy, cozy cuddle time with the DDH and the animalZ, and tasty food everywhere. It's a good time of year, and I love it even when I don't.

Also this still cracks me up.


  1. I love Mumford and Sons so I think I should check out Florence + the machine.

    I've just started in on Once Upon a Time...we're a few episodes in. I do like it, but I'm wondering how long they can keep it up? (And I agree, the flashback scenes are the best!)

  2. Oh, do give her a listen. She's good, all raspy and haunting. Though I like the first album better than the B sides or her second, overall.

    Yes, that's the other thing--for how long can you really drag on with this premise? I guess we'll have to wait and see. I really like the concept, but I just find the main characters annoying and unbelievable. So. We'll see.