Thursday, November 24, 2011

I am thankful.

Thank you, God:

  • That my voice is maybe finally a little bit possibly I don't want to jinx it but perhaps it is healing.
  • That the DDH passed the Bar and loves his job.
  • For always providing enough, and teaching me that enough is abundance in its own right.
  • For new friends.
  • For stories to read and stories to watch.
  • For Facebook, which a) is tailor-made for introverts and b) amazing for reconnecting with long-lost everyones.
  • For family near and far and mine and married-into.
  • For the cuddly Beagle and entertaining Labrador and DivaBun Extraordinaire.
  • For a roof over our heads, cars that work, clothes that warm, and countless other silly material concerns.
  • For sunshine.
  • For our daily bread and so much more, sustaining, nourishing, delighting.
  • For the work of my hands and of my brain and the chance to use them.
  • For days of rest.
  • For the best of husbands.
  • For health.
  • For music.
  • For all that I've forgotten and all that I neglect and all that I despise when I should not.
  • For Grace. For a Son. For a cross and for an empty tomb.
Praise and thanksgiving, Father we offer
For all things living, created good.
Harvest of sown fields; fruits of the orchard;
Hay from the mown fields; blossom and wood.

Lord, bless the labor We bring to serve you,
That with our neighbor We may be fed.
Sowing or tilling, We would work with you;
Harvesting, milling, For daily bread.

 Father, providing Food for your children,
Your wisdom guiding Teach us to share
One with another, So that, rejoicing
With us, our brother May know your care.

Then will your blessing Reach every people;
Each one confessing Your gracious hand.
When you are reigning No one will hunger:
Your love sustaining. Fruitful the land.


  1. This is beautiful. You know, like you:-).

  2. I will confess that I actually wrote this at one million o'clock Tuesday morning before heading to bed after finally having finished all my packing and travel preparations and set it to auto-post on Thursday. I couldn't remember what I had written at all and am glad to see that it is not actually at all embarrassing. PHEW.

    So thank you, Sarah. :-) I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!