Monday, October 29, 2012

Donkeys, Dogs, and Worst Case Scenarios

The dogs and I dressed up for Trunk or Treat at our church Sunday evening:

Mary on the road to Bethlehem with her
donkey and a stray sheep.
Jayne made an astonishingly patient donkey. He not only did not attempt to remove his blanket, but he stood nicely at the DDH's side, stretching out his head for the kids to pet but not jumping up and attacking them with friendliness. Everybody loved him.

In the alternate universe where I have lots of free time, I am getting him his therapy dog certification so he can heal people through the power of animal awesomeness.

In the real universe, he's going to waste all that talent playing fetch at home.

Kaylee hid behind my legs most of the evening but tremblingly allowed several toddlers pat her head. This bodes well for her interactions with T-Rex. I hope. She also tried to kill the DCE's little Bichon Frise dog, but that dog probably had it coming. It was probably making fun of her sheep costume, since it already looks like a sheep, and Kaylee was clearly a beagle with some spiderweb wrapped around her head.

The other dog is at my MIL's house, though whether this arrangement is temporary or permanent I'm not sure.

Two weeks left until the due date! There's a lot left to do but I simply can't muster up any sense of urgency about any of it. I can't muster up much of anything that requires energy right now. The DDH cleaned half the garage yesterday (a herculean feat, I assure you). I fell asleep while folding socks. That tells you something.

I started packing a bag for the hospital on Saturday. I have a little list of recommended items that the hospital gave me. Going down the list in random order, I put in three T-Rex outfit choices, a toothbrush, some CDs (the DDH gave the go-ahead on the Christmas music!). Then I got to the bullet point "Important phone numbers."

"What do they mean by that?" I asked the DDH. "I think this list predates cell phones."

"You might want to write a few of the numbers down anyway," he said. "Just in case something happens."

I think by "in case something happens" he meant "our cell phone batteries die." My mind, however, jumped immediately to, "in case I die." So I wrote down our parents' numbers, the number for our church, and that of our elder. Because, clearly, if I die, the DDH will probably sit there in shock and possibly never inform anyone, but probably the church has a little protocol for walking people through funeral arrangements or whatever and I bet Don would come over and make sure the DDH continued to feed himself for at least the first few days.

By that point, I had decided that obviously I was going to die while in the hospital and so there was no point in packing shampoo or clothes for the trip home and I might as well go do something else, like watch an episode of Castle.

So I did.

The end.


  1. Catie, you're hilarious. I have similar thoughts planning weddings. Not about death, but I can be easily derailed and start watching Doctor Who or Parks and Rec when I should be making invitation address lists. I've never fallen asleep folding socks, but that sounds cosy.
    --Christi from JBDC

    1. It was cozy. The problem is that I tend to fold laundry while sitting in bed because it's a large, clean, flat surface to spread the clothes out on. But it's so easy to just tip over and sleep instead. ^_^

      Mostly I distract myself from one project with another project--I'll start cleaning the kitchen and end up writing thank you notes or vice versa. But sometimes it's just the tv. Oh well.

  2. Cracking up! Can't wait to hear about his safe arrival!

    Love the costumes.