Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I am all over the place.

The DDH found a figurine of a Tyrannosaurus Rex breaking out of an egg. It's going to be the cake topper for the cake at the baby shower his office is throwing us. Because it's not just a T-Rex, it's a BABY T-Rex being BORN. Aaaaah, so cute.

Also? The fact that his office throws showers for the "pregnant" dads who work there and not just for the moms. It's such a great idea. He loves working there (and not just because they give him presents) and loves the people he works with. It's a real blessing for one of us to love his job, anyway. ^_^

Is it possible we're going overboard with the dinosaur theme? It's possible. Yeah.

Hey, but look at what happened to the nursery Saturday morning while I was at work:

Paint! The magical hobbit door blends right in now!
And I don't have before or after pictures, but the DDH made miraculous progress on the office last night. We may be able to clear all the extra stuff out of the guest room and once again have two guest rooms by the end of this very week. Which considering we're having a pile of people coming to our house in eighteen or nineteen days and expecting to have somewhere to sleep, would be a good thing.

The fact that he made a bunch of that progress by moving things into my finally!clean craft room is less awesome. But oh well. Priorities, I guess.

We spent all Saturday afternoon and evening at the Tulsa State Fair with the DDH's mom and step-dad. It was incredibly nice to hang out doing something with someone other than just the two of us. Also, I love fairs: fried food and fluffy animals and all that. I may have overdone it on the walking around, though. Ow.

Cake tree of cakes.

Tired cow is tired.
Sunday I took a small friend to a birthday party at this place filled with bouncy things (you know, those inflatable jumpers and races and slides and stuff). It looked like a great deal of fun, actually. But. Oh dear. The chaos. The noise and the disorder and the not-listening and the noise and the grabbing and the rapacious greed and the NOISE. Is it too late to say "just kidding" to this whole parenting thing? Ow.

In other news, it's October. Eek eek eek it's October. Help.

In other other news, ostensibly I joined Pinterest (username SingingPenguin) to help me learn to dress good. I was supposed to use it to help me discover the sorts of looks I like and learn to invest in pieces I will actually wear or learn how to style the pieces I own differently. All the stuff all the fashion blogs and books and things say to use Pinterest for.

That lasted about three days before I turned it into a giant electronic recipe file. I don't even look at anything people post anymore unless it's food. Or maybe a little household tip or craft project. Turns out, pictures of clothes bore me.

Food > fashion every day of the week.


  1. Food is really the main thing I'm interested in on Pinterest, too. Not that I go there much these days...but when I DO, yup, it's all about the food. :-)

  2. "Food > fashion every day of the week"

    Solidarity, Sister!