Friday, October 26, 2012

I am the animal whisperer.

Animals are swarming to our house.

Monday night, I went outside because Jayne was barking his Serious Business bark. He was lunging at the end of his lead toward the corner of the backyard by the shed. I looked that way and saw two glowing green eyes staring back at me. Creepy.

I fetched a flashlight and shone it in the direction of the eyes. Turned out they belonged to a little dog, who for some reason had invaded our yard and was just chilling in the corner out of Jayne's reach. So I brought Jayne inside and then coaxed the dog to me and brought her inside, too.

Anybody want this little dog?

We don't really need a third dog. Especially a dog who jumps chain link fences and is crazy hyper. But we have yet to find her owners, and the DDH is getting suspiciously attached to her.

Then last night, I was taking the trash out when a fox dashed out of our yard and across the street. A real, live, honest-to-goodness fox.

(I know what you're thinking--this is like the squirrel story, isn't it? NO. It really was a fox. Our neighbors have a bright light in their front yard and I got a good look at it. Hmph.)

We don't live in the boonies, or even a suburb on the edge of town. Our house was built in the fifties. We're in the middle of the city. But there was a fox, just hanging out. Probably hunting for possums, because did I tell you about the times (plural, as in, more than once) possums have invaded our kitchen? Yeah.

Maybe it's more that all of Tulsa is the boonies....

ANYWAY. Then I was taking out more trash, and this little orange cat dashed up from across the street. He rolled on his back and I pet him a couple times. Then he tried to follow me into the house, because apparently he's the stupidest cat ever and wants to waltz into a house with three dogs in it.

I don't know who hung out the "All Animals Welcome Here" sign, but this is getting extreme.


  1. You're like Cinderella! You should start singing and maybe they'll all come help you with housework! I'd be down for that :-)

    1. If the animals would /help/ with the housework rather than create more of it, I would have way more of them than I already do!