Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I am dressed (don't ask much more of me)!

Ah yes, 'tis Wednesday. Where did I leave off? Holy Week, I think.

Because I'm secretly seven years old, I dress for holidays. I try to do it grown-up style, though. For example:

Shirt: Old Navy; skirt: older than the hills;
belt and jewelry: Target.
Maundy Thursday. The First Communion. Obviously, the thematic color is wine, and I have the perfect skirt. I have worn this skirt on Maundy Thursdays (and other days) since I was in middle school, possibly. I think I finally tossed its matching brown cousin, but I kept the wine-colored version. It's shiny and has lace details and is a wonderful color, though I need to hike it up to keep it from giving me stunted leg syndrome.

Anyway. Also still a solemn day, so black to go with. But I was proud of myself for punching it up with a silver-gray belt (it's shinier in the light) and big jewelry. I wore it to our Seder Meal celebration that evening and was happy with it.

Shirt: Old Navy; belt: Target; skirt: hand-
On Good Friday, obviously, you have to wear all black. It's The Rules. During the day I wore the same shirt with black pants, but I skirted it up for the evening Tenebrae service. I decided the gray belt made it look nice and outfitty without destroying the solemn feel of it.

Oh, the pin I'm wearing here and in the Maundy Thursday outfit is a gold crown of thorns that I usually keep on my coat all through Lent and wear during Holy Week. But it was so warm this spring I wasn't wearing a coat and forgot all about it until Maundy Thursday.

Everything is from Old Navy, I think, except
the necklace, which was a gift.
Looking at my source captions, I think I should get Old Navy to pay me for these posts. I even went thrifting a few months ago and ended up with a cute dress...from Old Navy. Sigh.

Anyway. Holy Saturday. Spring! The middle of a three-day weekend! But you still sort of need black to be dominant. Jesus is dead and buried. So here we go. I love all the pieces of this outfit and I love them together and I should wear it again.

Shirt: when in doubt, guess Old Navy;
belt: Target; pants: thrifted?
After all that, I didn't photodocument what I wore for Easter. I don't even remember what I wore for Easter. It wasn't this. This was a failed attempt at an outfit for work. It was okay, and might get pulled out again as my belly expands, but the fact that it looks horrible in this photo is not a complete lie.

I suppose we'll stop here for now.

It's Wednesday, and that's what I a month ago.

What have you been wearing? Do you "dress up" for holidays too?

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