Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I am dressed (don't ask much more of me)!

The takeaway from this week's pictures is that I am obviously in love with belts. I don't know why it took me so long to hop on this trend, but I have a little collection now and I wear them all the time.

Top: Goodwill; belt: Target; pants: Target.
I have worn this navy top with gray slacks countless times since I snagged it at Goodwill. I bought the belt a few weeks ago, and huzzah! Instant outfit transformation. It looks like a Real Professional Outfit now.

Shirt: Old Navy; tank: Old Navy; belt: I think
also Old Navy; pants: Target.
You've seen this outfit before, only once again, the addition of a belt (this a different silver/gray one, with little silver studs that you can't see in the picture) took it to the next level. I felt iffy about it before, but loved it with the belt.

Shirt: Old Navy; tank: Old Navy; skirt: Sears;
necklace: Target; wedges: Target.
Sunday church outfit. It's  hard to tell, but there's a navy tank under the shirt, which is actually gray not brown, and the skirt is navy as well. And I went the extra mile and am actually wearing shoes in this picture!

Remember how I told you that last week a lady at the gym told me I was showing already and I was a bit sad about it? People told me quite the opposite when I wore this outfit. SO THERE.

The moral of this story is actually that big, baggy clothing (aka gym pants and an old t-shirt) is less flattering than trim clothes that fit you well.

Shirt: H&M. In Freiburg. *sob*; belt: Goodwill;
pants: Sears.
This outfit represents a major step for me. I wore this to volunteer at a youth group golf tournament fundraiser. That's right. I showed up to volunteer for an outdoor activity in an outfit, not jeans-and-a-t-shirt-with-a-college-logo-on-it.

The fact that that shirt is so worn out the only reason I haven't thrown it away is because I bought it in Freiburg, as well as the fact that those black pants are actually cargo pants, are completely relevant. But I debated adding the belt, and I did it, and I was so proud of myself.

Of course, everyone else was wearing jeans/shorts and old t-shirts, but WHATEVER.

Shirt and jeans: Old Navy.
I wore this top with black slacks to work, then changed into jeans for a meeting that evening. The fact that I can't tell from the picture if I'm wearing my dark-wash skinny jeans or my jeggins is unfortunate. In my defense, it was the first wear after washing; in actuality, I think there's another item in my wardrobe I'm going to have to kiss goodbye soon.

Anyway, I only took a picture of this because of what I did with the sash thing. The shirt has a built-in sash: it's sewn in place on the front, then loose in the back so you can tie it in a bow. Well, I wore it tied in the back all day, and it pressed into my spine every time I sat back in my chair, which was really annoying. So when I got home, I wrapped them around to the front and tied a little knot. There wasn't enough length to tie a full bow, but it worked. Pain-free, and like I'm wrapping my little pregnant belly with ribbon. ^_^

It's Wednesday, y'all. What are you wearing?

Linked up with What I Wore Wednesday at the Pleated Poppy, which I should have been doing for these posts all along except that I forgot what blog I originally found the idea on and decided to just hope everyone else knew what I was talking about. But now I found it again and I'm happy I did, because Poppy is adorable.


  1. I love the belts! I haven't tried that yet in my own fashion experiments, but now I'm thinking I SHOULD.

    1. Right?? I don't know why it took me so long to get on the belt bandwagon; I only ever used them to hold up my jeans. But seriously. None of the clothing looks bad without a belt, but WITH one it becomes a Real Outfit.

      Plus it's a great way to define your waist and make yourself look slimmer. ;-)