Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I am dressed (don't ask much more of me)!

Ok. A few more old outfits to finish up, and then I'll need to actually start trying to dress properly again.

I'm to the point now where everything still fits but is tighter than usual, and some of my smaller pants and skirts need to be retired. I'm trying to wear as many non-maternity/empire-waist outfits as possible while I still can!

Cardi: Gap; tank: Old Navy; pants: not sure.

A good hair day.
I've decided I really like that turquoise tank top. I keep trying to find different ways to wear it. I thought it added a nice pop of color for this work outfit. Plus, since it's hot outside but cold inside, I could take off the cardigan and be comfortable once I left work. I get hot much more easily now.

And I usually cut off my head in the pictures for two reasons: one, my camera-phone-in-a-dirty-mirror shots are blurry enough, and it's not like you can see jewelry detail anyway. Two, my face does not photograph well. I think I usually look weird, and have a strange chin, and am making odd faces. But I was having a good skin day and a good hair day, so I couldn't pass up this head shot. The jewelry was a bridesmaid gift from my friend for us to wear in her wedding.

Tank: Old Navy; belt: Target; pants: Sears.
This tank is really long and weirdly too big for me; it's one of those long-and-loose styles you're supposed to wear with jeggings or super skinny jeans. I think it will be seeing a lot of use over the next few months. For now, I can still define my thicker-than-usual-but-still-there waist with a belt.

Not that you can tell, but the black pants are actually cargo pants and insanely comfy.

Shirt and tank: Old Navy; pants: Target.
This is a terrible picture but I really enjoyed wearing this outfit.

Another headshot.
With my hair up and my fake pearls, it just felt professional and classy somehow.

Headshot party. Everything's from Target.
My hair was having a really good week there. Sigh. It's back to being gross this week. I would suspect the trick to having nice hair is washing it more than twice a week, except it looks just as bad the day I wash it (or the next day) as it does five days since washing it. I just have gross hair.

Dress: Target; cardi: Gap?; belt: Target;
heels: JC Penney.
Sexy date night. This was my outfit for our fancy dinner out at the cooking college. I believe you've seen the purple heels before. Anyway, I loved it. I felt awesome.

Mostly I was proud of myself for mixing the blue cardigan with the purple heels, though of course the heels are dark and I was sitting down the whole evening. WHATEVER. The belt really worked belting in the cardigan, too, which I wasn't sure would be the case.

Okay, that was a lot. I've been really proud of some of the outfits I've come up with lately! I think knowing that my options are about to be severely limited has inspired some creativity, and since we're also frantically trying to save money, I'm working with what I've got rather than buying new things. And I've been pleased with the results. ^_^

What have you been wearing lately? What inspires you to get creative with the wardrobe you have?


  1. That's so funny, I saw that picture of you and thought "Ooh, good skin day!" and then read your next paragraph in which you said the exact same thing! I wish I had good skin days...ever...

    I am the lamest clothing person ever I think. I wear one of two pairs of jeans every day, and they are the exact same jeans, just one is dark and one is light. And I wear one of ten tank tops layered under one of ten t-shirts, and they are also all exactly the same tanks and tees from Old Navy, just in different colors. What can I say?! It's easy, it looks good, and that way I don't have to think about it too much :-p

    1. Haha, they are few and far between for me.

      That's sort of why I started doing these posts. I have a greater variety of shirts, but every day it was either black pants or gray pants and a shirt. So this makes me think about different ways to layer things or dress them up with a belt or whatever. But I mean, today I'm just wearing black pants and a striped shirt--most days it's too much effort to think.

      I've noticed doing these posts that almost all my clothes are from Old Navy, too. ON and Target. I don't branch out much. ^_^