Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I am dressed (don't ask much more of me)!

I almost forgot it was Wednesday!

I officially entered the second trimester on Monday and go in for a sonogram and checkup today. The DDH wasn't going to come because I told him it was just a checkup and nothing important.

However, I was fretting about something and said something along the lines of, "Well, I'll feel better once I hear Critter's heartbeat on Wednesday" and the DDH flipped. out. "You get to hear the heartbeat? Why didn't you tell me? I thought it was just a checkup! I want to hear the heartbeat too!"

So he rearranged his work schedule, got someone to cover his afternoon docket, and plans to meet me at the doctor's. <3

Anyway! Down to business. I can tell my pants are fitting more tightly, but I still don't look pregnant at all. My skirts and dresses still fit fine, as you can see.

Tank: Old Navy; belt: Goodwill; skirt: JC Penney.
I have rediscovered my love of this skirt. I had stopped wearing it for awhile, but I don't know why. Maybe the white is getting faded? Maybe because I really have to be strict about my "no white/light colors" rule because I'm the clumsiest person alive? No idea.

But it is the most comfortable, pretty thing. I felt like a genius for pairing it with my big patent fake-leather belt I found at Goodwill. A GENIUS, I TELL YOU.

Also, the tank-top is very comfortable (and teal) but weirdly too large for me and I cannot escape sharing my bra with the world when I wear it. Oh well.

Dress: long story; belt: Goodwill.
There's that belt again! It's the same one, just the light from the window makes the buckle look silver when it's not. I was once again inordinately proud of myself for adding the belt to this dress, which I otherwise love and is a story in itself.

This dress. Oh, this dress. It's a cute style, right, simple sundress with a swooshy skirt. But look at that pattern! Not something I would have ever picked out. You may have noticed that I don't tend to wear a lot of patterns. This is because a) I freak out about the colors in the patterns going with the colors of things I wear with them, b) I'm picky and think a lot of patterns look dumb, c) I'm cautious about mixing patterns, and d) I'm a timid and conservative dresser and it's just easier to do solids. And tame colors.

ANYWAY. So why do I have this dress I wouldn't normally pick out for myself? Well. I was living in Germany. One of my housemates, who is from Pennsylvania, had gone with some of our other friends to Spain while I went to Italy with my parents and the at-that-time-DDF. She split off from our friends in Spain to meet up with an old friend in Switzerland, where she went to a giant flea market. I have no idea, really, what flea markets are like in Switzerland or even that they HAD flea markets in Switzerland, but apparently they do.

So Sarah bought this dress because she loved the pattern (the pattern I would have skipped right over). But when she got home to Germany, she discovered it didn't actually fit because she has giant bosoms. She loved the pattern so much, though, that she planned to make it into a bag. For some strange reason, she then asked me to try it on. I could just barely zip it up because a) though I don't have bosoms, I have a big ribcage and shoulders, and b) I subsisted my entire stay in Germany on a diet consisting of Speck (cured pork), potatoes, Haribo gummis, Prinzenkekse (giant delicious sandwich cookies), pretzels, and alcohol. To be fair, I also walked miles each day so I didn't gain that much weight, but I definitely gained some.

Still, it fit, and it looked really nice on me (aka it made me look like I had bosoms, when I don't. Also, it's really amusing me to keep referring to breasts as bosoms), and Sarah told me I should keep it. Then we went swing dancing.

For awhile the dress stopped fitting (because when you come back to college, eat crappy food, and don't walk miles and miles every day, apparently you gain a bunch of weight, who knew). But then I lost thirty pounds and it fit easily and looked amazing and is perfect when it's hot out etc. etc. Alas, pregnancy is giving me bosoms (sort of) and generally rearranging my body, so I think that was the last time I'll squeeze into that dear old dress for awhile. But if all else fails, I'll make a bag out of it and send it to Sarah.

And for the record, it isn't some magical fancy Swiss dress from a boutique or made by a cute little Swiss seamstress. It's from H&M. But a) we don't have one of those here (pout), b) it's H&M Europe so the sizes are in European which makes it automatically cooler than American H&M right?, and c) it still has a cool story behind it. And it looks great on me. So there.

Since I wrote a novel about that dress, I guess I'll stop for now. More next week!

It's Wednesday, y'all. What are you wearing?

Linked up with What I Wore Wednesday at the Pleated Poppy, which I should have been doing for these posts all along except that I forgot what blog I originally found the idea on and decided to just hope everyone else knew what I was talking about. But now I found it again and I'm happy I did, because Poppy is adorable.


  1. That dress looks great on you! Glad you found the link party you were looking for :-)

    1. Thanks! And me too. Or maybe not, since it means I spend too much time looking at clothing on the internet.

  2. I'm wearing shorts! Because it's nice out and I finally (!) shaved.
    Never mind that my legs are white, white, white.

    1. Yay nice weather! Don't worry, my skin only comes in two colors: Ghost and Lobster. ^_^